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Disney Princesses

Magic is here, if you dare to believe.
Emily Jones

Elves is a theme introduced in March 2015.
The storyline revolves around a regular girl, Emily Jones, who gets lost in the world of elves, Elvendale. In order to return home she must find four hidden keys.

Like Friends and Disney Princess, Elves uses mini-doll figures instead of standard minifigures, and uses more pastel colours in its builds. Similar to Ultra Agents, an app was produced alongside the release of the sets. description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. A land of epic adventures
In LEGO® Elves, teenager Emily Jones has been transported to a magical world. Children must help Emily find her way home! With the help of four Elves, Emily embarks on an epic quest to find 4 missing keys, that unlock the portal to get Emily home. On the journey they will encounter a sailing ship, magical bakery, treetop hideaway and much more. The rich LEGO Elves fantasy world also means childen can easily create their own adventures, discover secret functions in the sets, and watch the magic turn into reality.

List of sets[edit]

List of mini-doll figures[edit]