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Hi, I'm Lachlan. I love LEGO and have built up quite a bit of it now. I am also a roller coaster enthusiast. I run the wiki - a website for documenting roller coasters, amusement parks and stuff like that. It is actually quite similar to Brickipedia - we've both split from Wikia and gone independent plus we both use the Refreshed skin!

If you wish to contact me then use my talk page or for matters unrelated to this wiki you'll get to me quicker on Coasterpedia. Thanks for reading!



System, DUPLO, Primo, QUATRO, TECHNIC, Modulex, Jumbo Bricks, Galidor, Scala, Znap


Span more than one theme.

Dacta, Ideas, Brickheadz, Dimensions

Disney themes

Old sets

Just noting down some old sets for which I have some pieces but the instructions are long gone.