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This article is about the game. For Junkbot himself, see Junkbot (character).


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Junkbot is an online puzzle platformer game on, which is no longer featured in the games section. Each level is won when Junkbot has eaten all of the trash cans on that level. The game can be accessed here.
The game has a sequel which is called Junkbot Undercover.

Basic Gameplay[edit]

A trash can.

Junkbot is a LEGO robot who works in a factory. He constantly moves back and forth, unless a specially placed object blocks his path. On each map, there are a variety of bricks which can be moved to either block a certain path, or stacked in a way that will allow Junkbot to ascend or descend to a different area. The aim is to guide Junkbot to each of the trash cans on that level, with as few moves as possible. There are various hazards that work against the player; however, there are also bricks and other elements which can work to one's advantage.


There are various hazards that exist in Junkbot.



Fire will burn Junkbot upon contact, so it is important to keep Junkbot from touching it. This can be done by either blocking the path to the fire element, or building a path over it. In some levels, fire can be deactivated via an on/off button.

Dripping Taps[edit]


Water Drops are deadly to Junkbot to the touch and will shock his circuits. The only ways to avoid them are to cover them with bricks, use a shield pack, or walk under them very carefully.



Gearbots are other robots that move from side to side, at a faster rate than Junkbot. They are unable to climb over any bricks, even if the aren't stacked, and as such can be blocked by one 2 by 2 brick.



Climbbots are similar to Gearbots, however, they are able to climb up and over any barrier. The only way to stop them is by getting them in the center of a box made of bricks.



Flybots are similar to Gearbots, and float back and forth at a pre-determined altitude. They are unable to climb over obstacles.


An Eyebot once it has seen Junkbot.

Eyebots are similar to Gearbots, however, they fly back and forth at a pre-determined altitude. If the Eyebot can see Junkbot either directly below it, or to the side of it, it's eye turns red and it goes after Junkbot. It can travel up or down in this fashion, and will remain at whatever altitude it is at until it sees Junkbot again.

Other Elements[edit]

There are various other non-hazardous elements in Junkbot.



Fans blow air directly upwards, and Junkbot as well if it is standing on one. Fans can be used to elevate Junkbot, who can be set down by placing a brick between the flow of air and Junkbot. Fans are able to be turned on or off on some levels, via and on/off switch.

Bouncing Bricks[edit]


Certain bricks allow Junkbot to jump forward in whichever direction he was travelling. They are grey in colour, with dark grey stripes along the sides. There are also portable bouncing bricks, which are yellow in colour and can be moved.

"S" Bricks[edit]


"S" Bricks are blue in colour and have an S on their front side. If Junkbot comes into contact with one, he is given an impenetrable shield which lasts for 5 seconds. Each "S" brick may only be used once, at which time it becomes grey and no longer functions.



Switches can activate or deactivate fire elements and fans. These are located in some levels in various places.

Levels and Stages[edit]

Junkbot has 60 levels, throughout four different stages. The stages are called buildings in this game.

Building 1[edit]

  1. New Employee Training
  2. Art in the Lobby
  3. Bridge Builder
  4. Move the Stairs
  5. Caution: Fire
  6. Gearbots in Cubicles
  7. Terrarium
  8. Caution: Leaky Roof
  9. Fill the Gaps
  10. Don't Touch the Gearbots
  11. Fire and Ice
  12. Movin' on Up
  13. Bridge Over Angry Gearbots
  14. The Long Umbrella
  15. Clear the Corners

Building 2[edit]

  1. Jump Around
  2. A New Kind of Gearbot
  3. Number One Fan
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. The Engine Room
  6. Ride the Wind
  7. Internal Combustion
  8. Pardon Me
  9. Trapped in the Freezer
  10. The Think Tank
  11. The Drafty Floor
  12. The Garage
  13. Up, Up, and Away
  14. Disgruntled Climbbot
  15. Ups and Downs

Building 3[edit]

  1. Portable Boost
  2. Hot Air
  3. It's Raining Climbbots
  4. Gearbots that Float
  5. Thermostat
  6. Windy Bridge
  7. Perpetual Motion Machine
  8. Working in the Rain
  9. Aerodynamics
  10. Happy Holidays
  11. Junkbot's Lucky Number
  12. Look Before You Leap
  13. Gotcha
  14. Traffic
  15. The Secret Laboratory

Building 4[edit]

  1. Scary, Scary Eyebot
  2. Eyebot on Patrol
  3. Junkbot's Secret Weapon
  4. Raincoat
  5. Running the Gauntlet
  6. Off and On
  7. Don't Let the Dogs Out
  8. What is Project X?
  9. Which Switch?
  10. Junkbot is Brave
  11. Elevator Action
  12. The Quest
  13. Wind Tunnel
  14. All Kinds of Trouble
  15. Art Factory


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