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Junkbot Undercover

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Junkbot Undercover

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Junkbot Undercover is a sequel to the online game Junkbot featured on The game includes various levels players can complete, and the objective in each level is to "survive" while collecting all of the trash cans. Junkbot undercover can be accessed via the official LEGO website.

Basic Gameplay[edit]

Junkbot is a LEGO robot who works in a factory, and constantly moves forward, unless an object blocks his way, when he turns around. On each map there are a variety of bricks which can be moved to either block a certain way, or stacked in a way which will allow Junkbot to move up or down to a different area. The aim is to get Junkbot to each of the trash cans on that level, with the fewest moves as possible. There are various hazards that work against you from the original Junkbot in this game, as well as some new ones.
A trash can

New hazards[edit]

Junkbot undercover introduces one new hazard; the laser.
A Laser beam Emitter

Laser beams, which are emitted from a bright yellow brick on a wall, kill Junkbot upon contact. Lasers can be turned on or off via an on/off switch, if one is present.

Other new elements[edit]

There are other non-deadly new elements introduced in Junkbot undercover.

Moving blocks[edit]


Moving blocks can be pushed from side to side by Junkbot, but cannot be manipulated like a regular brick. These are used to help elevate Junkbot, as well as block off gearbots and flybots.

Portable "S" bricks[edit]


Junkbot undercover also introduces portable versions of the original game's "S" bricks, which are gold in colour. These bricks can be moved via the mouse to whatever location they are needed at. Like the original "S" bricks, these can only be used once.

Teleportation Pads[edit]


Similar in design to Fans, these new elements transport Junkbot from one pad to another.

Walking Trash Cans[edit]

Special trash cans that appear in some levels in stage 4. These cans will try to walk away from Junkbot when he approaches them, and will walk off platforms if they have to. They won't turn back if they walk into a dead end. Junkbot can only collect these cans if they are cornered, trapped, or if he's two bricks above the can.

Levels and stages[edit]

Junkbot Undercover has 61 levels, throughout five different stages.

Stage One: Basement[edit]


  1. Descent
  2. Pump Room 17
  3. Supply Closet
  4. Plant Storage
  5. Blow Up
  6. Elementary
  7. This End Up
  8. Coveralls
  9. Fire Drill
  10. Surveillance System
  11. The Nightmare
  12. Pipe Organ
  13. Trash Picker
  14. Laundry Room
  15. Under The Rainbow

Stage Two: Sub-Basement[edit]


  1. Laser Lab
  2. Breakout
  3. Hazardous Waste
  4. Climate Control
  5. Rise And Shine
  6. Sorting Room A
  7. Central Shipping
  8. Push Comes To Shove
  9. Crawling Through Vents
  10. The Heist
  11. Escape From Cellblock 7
  12. Return To The Laser Lab
  13. No Exit
  14. The Chamber Of Death
  15. Laser Wire

Stage Three: Caverns[edit]


  1. Telecommuting
  2. Changing The Lightbulbs
  3. Zig Zag
  4. Express Elevator
  5. Butterfly Collecting
  6. The Abandoned Coaster
  7. Quantum Roulette
  8. Rock Climbing Gym
  9. Chase Scene
  10. Claustrophobia
  11. Look Behind You!
  12. The Incinerator
  13. Locked Room Mystery
  14. The Broken Bridge
  15. The Vault

Stage Four: Secret Lab[edit]


  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Mobile Suit
  3. Slide And Seek
  4. Chute To Kill
  5. Central Database
  6. Hunt And Gather
  7. Cutting It Close
  8. Water Works
  9. Construction Supplies
  10. Sunken Treasure
  11. Drip Dry
  12. The Reactor Core
  13. System Administration
  14. Origin Of The Species
  15. The Final Frontier

Stage X: Project X[edit]


  1. Project X