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Mars Mission

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Mars Mission
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Life on Mars

This article is about the theme. For the set, see 3059 Mars Mission.
The ETX Alien Infiltrator under attack

Mars Mission is a subtheme of the LEGO Space theme. It debuted in August of 2007, and was officially discontinued by 2009. The theme focuses on the adventures of a team of Astronauts as they land on Mars and are forced to contend with a dangerous alien race.
Sets in the theme were released for two consecutive years, and almost every one of them focused on a vehicle under control of either the humans or the aliens, the only exceptions being 7690 MB-01 Eagle Command Base, and 5616 Mini Robot.
The theme was, in a sense, a sequel to the previous Space subtheme, Life on Mars, although Life on Mars featured a peaceful martian race, rather than a war between humans and aliens.


The Astronauts[edit]

The humans are a group of astronauts that have journeyed to Mars in search of powerful yellow-green energy crystals found on the Martian surface. In the storyline, the humans are using the crystals to power their futuristic devices and technology. Unfortunately for the Astronauts, the Aliens are also seeking the crystals for themselves. The human structures consist of two colours: orange and white. They have the "Classic Space symbol". There were a range of Astronaut members in the Mars Mission theme; according to LEGO Battles, the Astronauts were led by the Astro Commander, a leader of the Astronauts in the game who appeared during cutscenes. The expedition was then followed by two commandos named Biff and Gemma.

The Aliens[edit]

The Aliens have originated from an unknown place in the cosmos, and are also searching for the crystals. In actuality, they are not from Mars,[1] and are immediately identified as a dangerous and invasive force by the Astronauts. The Aliens themselves are transparent green and glow in the dark. Alien Commanders are the leaders of the Alien army. The army attacks any human encampments and Astronauts that they encounter. The Aliens are shown to reside in underground hives. In 2008, it appeared that the Aliens had been routed, and the hives were destroyed. According to LEGO Battles, there is an Alien Queen. The Alien Queen has the appearance of an Alien Commander, but her legs resemble those of Spy Clops from the Agents theme. There are also four legged spider-like robots which fill the role of builder in Lego Battles. There are also silver humanoid robots called Laser Troopers which are exactly like Devastator from the Exo-Force theme, they shoot green laser bolts. Also, in LEGO Battles, the Aliens only wanted the crystals to power up their mothership to leave the planet.


Pump System[edit]

LEGO revived an older, somewhat forgotten feature in this new theme. This was the pump system, which was pioneered in one of the previous Space ranges, namely Life on Mars. In Mars Mission, the system is coloured in white and orange instead of the purple, tan, and other rare colours defining the Life on Mars theme. It features in the sets 7690 MB-01 Eagle Command Base and 7691 ETX Alien Mothership Assault.


An energy crystal

The Crystals are one of the main reasons that the Humans came to Mars. Both races wish to use these crystals as power sources, which can be used to supply energy to all of their respective vehicles and systems. These green energy crystals are similar in function to the Biodium ore in the Life on Mars theme. They can be found in almost every Mars Mission set. They are found in subterranean caves or embedded in the Martian soil. They are scanned with sensors, named Crysta-sensors, to see if they are pure. The Crystals are then promptly shipped to the nearest human base. In LEGO Battles, the astronauts and aliens also compete to locate a purple variant of the energy crystals, which are apparently far more powerful than their green counterparts.

Online Attractions[edit]

Like most LEGO themes at the time, Mars Mission had a website accessible from The Mars Mission site had two games, a product information page, a download page, and an "Astronaut Log" showing letters from the Astronauts. One of the games, CrystAlien Conflict, was immensely popular with users. The game puts the user in the role of commander for either the Astronaut faction or the Alien faction. At the main menu of the game, there is an 'access code' box that the user can type secret codes into. The letters appear in Alien font when typed. Here are some of the secret codes:

A screenshot from CrystAlien Conflict
  • MoneyPenny=unlock all helping cheats(not levels)
  • Santa=level Santa
  • fatwallet=50,000 credits
  • 299792458/quickbuild=build faster
  • n00b/newbie=triple armor
  • theylive/t2000=alien special ops
  • 1337=reset all cheat codes
  • earth=Alien level 1
  • zapper=Alien level 2
  • extra=Alien level 3
  • retreat=Alien level 4
  • doctor=Alien level 5
  • scramble=Alien level 6
  • flow=Alien level 7
  • redalert=Alien level 8
  • 5050=Alien level 9
  • nightfall=Alien level 10
  • clearskies=clears all shrouds
  • mars=Astronaut level 1
  • powerup=Astronaut level 2
  • niceman=Astronaut level 3
  • buggy=Astronaut level 4
  • flyboy=Astronaut level 5
  • range=Astronaut level 6
  • stomp=Astronaut level 7
  • UFO=Astronaut level 8
  • elton=Astronaut level 9
  • eclipse=Astronaut level 10
  • temple=Alien bonus level
  • checkmate=alien bonus level
  • manic=Astronaut bonus level
  • pizza=Astronaut bonus level
  • match=Astronaut bonus level


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
5616.jpg 5616  Mini Robot  19  Astronaut   $3.49  December 15, 2007 (US)/January 2, 2008 (UK) 
5617-1.jpg 5617  Alien Jet  19  Alien   $1.95  January 2, 2008 (UK) 
5619-1.jpg 5619  Crystal Hawk  21  Astronaut   $3.49 / €2.99  June 27, 2008 (US) / May 21, 2008 (UK) 
7644.jpg 7644  MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft  795  Astronauts (3), Alien, Alien Commander   $79.99 / €89.99  2008 
Marsmission7654.JPG 7645  MT-61 Crystal Reaper  575  Astronaut (3)Alien (2)Alien Commander   $49.99 / €49.99  May 2008 
7646-b.jpg 7646  ETX Alien Infiltrator  333  Alien, Alien Commander, Astronaut (2)   $29.99 / €29.99  May 2008 
7647.JPG 7647  MX-41 Switch Fighter  235  Astronaut, Alien   $19.99  2008 
7648-1.jpg 7648  MT-21 Mobile Mining Unit  130  AstronautAlien   $9.99  2008 
7649.jpg 7649  MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker  759  Astronaut (2)Alien Commander   $69.99 / €49.99  July / August 2008 
7690.jpg 7690  MB-01 Eagle Command Base  763  Astronaut (4)Aliens (4)   $89.99  2007 
7691 Etx Alien MothershipAssault.jpg 7691  ETX Alien Mothership Assault  436  Astronaut (2)Alien (5)   $49.99  2007 
7692-1.jpg 7692  MX-71 Recon Dropship  435  Astronaut (2)Aliens (4)   $39.99  2007 
7693.jpg 7693  ETX Alien Strike  246  AstronautAlien (2)   $19.99  October 2007 
7694.jpg 7694  MT-31 Trike  95  AstronautAlien   $9.99  2007 
7695.jpg 7695  MX-11 Astro Fighter  57  AstronautAlien   $4.99  2007 
7697.jpg 7697  MT-51 Claw-Tank Ambush  374  AstronautAlien (2)   $29.99  2007 
7699 MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit.jpg 7699  MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit  635  Astronaut (3)Alien (2)   $79.99  October 2007 
No image 7728  Jet Pack          
No image 7729  Alien Flyer         Unreleased 
852019.jpg 852019  Space Hero Air Blaster       2007 
KMM.jpg K7690  Mars Mission Collection         2008 
K7699.jpg K7699  Complete Mars Mission Collection  3039     $314.99  2007 

Released in 2007[edit]

Released in 2008[edit]



  • The humans chose the colour scheme of orange and white for their equipment and vehicles because the two colours reflect harmful rays from Mars, which has no ozone to achieve ray deflection.
  • In LEGO Battles, the Aliens only wanted the crystals to power up their mothership and leave Mars.
  • Also in LEGO Battles was a special purple type of energy crystal, which was more powerful than its yellow counterpart.
  • Tools used by the Astronauts include pickaxes, drills, Crysta-sensors, walkie-talkies, chainsaws and jackhammers, among others.
  • Because the Aliens did not have tubes on the rear of their legs like normal minifigures, they had to be attached to their ships by their feet, using Erlings (Studs on sides) elements.
  • The site has been removed from, but you can still find the games on different sites.
  • The logo for the aliens was reused for the Alien Conquest theme.

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