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As a non-profit organisation, Brickimedia relies on only two sources of income—donations and ad revenue. You can donate to Brickimedia by clicking the Donate button on Special:Donate, which takes you to a secured PayPal payment form. A valid credit card or PayPal account is required to donate. The Brickimedia Association does not collect or record your credit card or PayPal account information.

Why Donate to Brickimedia?

Brickimedia is not free to run, and has several expenses required to keep it running. Because Brickimedia offers its service for no charge, nor does it sell any products, the revenue that Brickimedia receives from donations and from advertisements across the network goes straight to expenses such as server costs, domain name registration and other technical expenses.

Some benefits to donating to Brickimedia
  • With money left over after deducting expenses, Brickimedia would be able to supply items such as LEGO sets to Brickimedia wikis to use as contest prizes or to review.
  • Brickimedia would be able to offer its wiki administrators opportunities to possibly attend events such as Toy Fair and Comic Con, or LEGO fan conventions such as BrickFair or BrickCon.
  • Donating to Brickimedia allows for the Brickimedia server to keep running and the sites to stay online. With more donations, upgrading the Brickimedia server becomes an option, which allows the site to be delivered to visitors even better.


  • The Brickimedia Association is not yet registered as a 501(c)(3) organisation under the United States Internal Revenue Service, thus donations to Brickimedia do not count for tax deductions.