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April O'Neil

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April O'Neil is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles minifigure introduced in 2013.



April sports an orange, wavy hair piece with a pony tail on the back and a yellow hairband on the top. She has a double sided head with one side having a happy expression and the other side having an angry expression. April wears a yellow sports jersey with a cream number 5 in the centre. She is wearing jean shorts with black leotards underneath.


She has a dark red long wavy hair, that parts on her shoulders and covers her back. Her face printing features cheekbones to give the face shape, dark red eyebrows, medium pink lipstick, and dual sided head featuring expressions of happy and anger. April sports a dark yellow jacket, unzipped to show her grey tee shirt with a dark grey design underneath, and her feminine curves. The back features the jacket's dark blue hood and the curves from the front. She has unprinted dark blue jeans.



April was a 16 year old girl until she met the Turtles and the Kraang. She met the Turtles when they tried to rescue her and her father from the Kraang, but failed. They then came back and saved her, while her dad wasn't so lucky. She soon became good friends with them, mostly interacting with Donatello, who had a crush on her. Splinterdecided to train April to be a Kunoichi. She also mentors Casey Jones, who would rather play hockey then study and another of the turtles' allies.

April was revealed to be half human, half Kraang , thus giving her telepathic abilities and immune to the mutagen. She had a brief falling out with the turtles after a scuffle accidentally mutated her father, which Donatello was able to later reverse.


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April was a reporter for Channel 6 News researching a gang known as the Foot Clan, which leads her to learning of a vigilante fighting back against them. No one at her work believes her story, however.

Later, April heads into a Foot Clan attack at a subway station in hope of catching the vigilantes on film, which she does and meets them: four humanoid turtles. Running home, she realizes the are the product of her late father's experiment, Project Renaissance in which they tried to create mutagen to heal people in animals and she helped take care of the animals naming them after the artist of the time: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donetallo, Raphael and the rat; Spilter, feeding them pizza.

After being fired from her job, she heads to Eric Sachs, her father's former partner, and informs him of the turtles' survival, unaware he is the Shredder's adopted son. She is then brought by the turtles to their sewer lair, where Splinter explains how April saved them when the lab burned down and sent them in the sewer.

When the lair is attacked, April successfully remains out of sight and tries to help save a badly wounded Splinter afterwards. Splinter sends April and Raphael to save the other three from Sachs, befor succumbing to his wounds. She recruits her cameraman Vern to help them reach Sachs' Estate and help free the turtles, and are successful after a lengthy chase down a mountain.

While the four turtles confront Shredder on the roof, Apil and Vern confront Sachs. Eric reveals the he had killed April's father and is knocked out by Vern, while they take the mutagen from him. On the roof, she helps the turtles defeat Shredder.

That night she meets Vern, who tries to impress her with a new car. The turtles arrive in their new car and Mikey ends up blowing up Vern's accidentally. She kindly refuses a ride and Mikeys sings a love song to April.

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