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This article is about the theme. For the video game, see 5700 LEGO Creator.
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Modular Buildings

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Creator is a theme which focuses on the creative construction of System parts as opposed to playability functions of minifigures as in most other themes. As such, Creator sets are typically based on buildings, cars, or creatures. There are also small sets contained in plastic pods, similar to the way BIONICLE and Hero Factory sets are packaged, but some are regular boxes. The Creator sets didn't include Minifigures until 2011, although many of the older sets are minifigure-scaled. The Creator vehicles were said to have replaced the old Model Team theme.

History[edit | edit source]

Although the name Creator was introduced with the video game of the same name and board game, the first sets of the theme were introduced in 2001. They were continued from the previous Basic and FreeStyle themes, both including buckets of bricks and a few simple models. Creator, Basic, and Freestyle each included 4+ Figure minifigures named Tina and Max.

Tina and Max

This Max is most likely where the well known LEGO Club Magazine's Mascot's Name came from.

These minifigures were discontinued when the Designer theme was introduced. This theme focused on the more specialized models, while Creator became used for sets containing a variety of bricks and pieces that were designed to develop creativity.

When the Designer theme was discontinued in 2006, Creator took over its style of sets, including the X-Pod sub-theme. This produced more complex models and themes, including some animals and vehicles. Meanwhile, Creator's previous sets, such as buckets of bricks, were moved to the Creative Building theme, which later became known as Bricks and More.

The complexity of the sets typically depends on the scale. Smaller models often make use of basic bricks, where as larger models make use of specialized elements and advanced building techniques. A majority of the sets released since 2006 are "3 in 1" sets, or sets that included bricks which could assemble into 3 different ways, with instructions for each assembly included with the set.

The Creator theme also includes the Modular Buildings line (with the exception of 10190 Market Street), which are a series of large, detailed buildings, with flat floors, and mostly have no more than one building. The Modular Buildings also include minifigures, unlike most Creator sets, and the sets are to the standard minifigure scale.

Recently, some Creator sets have been including minifigures, starting with 5766 Log Cabin.

The theme also recently used Technic pieces into sets such as 7347 Highway Pickup (for the base, the functional steering and part of the flatbed tray).

Sets[edit | edit source]

X-Pod[edit | edit source]

Dacta (Educational Division)[edit | edit source]

No. Set name Released Parts Minifigures
9302 Creator Community Builders 2004 1695 4
9303 Airport Set 2004 1180 4
9304 Fun Park 2001
9306 Bulk Set with Special bricks 2003 610 None
9385 Sceneries Set 2010 1214 None

2008[edit | edit source]

2009[edit | edit source]

2010[edit | edit source]

2015[edit | edit source]

Other releases[edit | edit source]

No. Set name Released Parts Type
4006 Brick Tricks: Cool Cars 2000 1 Book
4007 Brick Tricks: Fantastic Fliers 2000 1 Book
5700 LEGO Creator 1998 1 Video Game
5720 LEGO Creator Masterpiece 2000 1 Video Game
5723 LEGO Creator: Knights' Kingdom 2000 1 Video Game
5787 LEGO Creator: Harry Potter 2001 1 Video Game
5817 Constructive Creator (Dutch) 2002 1 Video Game
7383 Creator Watch 2002 LEGO Time
7396 Creator Clock 2002 9 LEGO Time
14555 Creator: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002 1 Video Game
35750 Dinosaur Backpack 2009 1 Bag
35757 Dinosaur Backpack (Small) 2009 1 Bag
35764 Dinosaur Backpack (Roller) 2009 1 Bag
35769 Dinosaur Lunch Box 2009 1 Bag
66188 Creative Building Set 2007 Product Collection
66208 Mr. Magorium's Big Book 2007 324 Product Collection
66373 Fun Favour Pack 2010 Misc.
4212659 Creator Green Photo Frame 2003 Photo Frame
4250339 Build a Robot Clock Set 2004 47 LEGO Time
4250341 Classic Constructor Watch 2006 48 LEGO Time
4288396 Bricks Bedding 2004 Bedding
4552770 PVC Stickers 2008 Sticker
K4916 Mini Pods Collection 2007 298 Product Collection
G08553 Creator Board Game Deluxe 2002 130 Board Game
G31415 Builder Xtreme Board Game 2003 130 Board Game
GA03 The Race to Build It 1999 101 Board Game
W341 Classic Creator Watch 2006 48 LEGO Time
The Official LEGO Creator Activity Book 1998 1 Book

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Website[edit | edit source]

The Creator website is full of educational LEGO tips and tricks for adults and kids alike. There is also a gallery for users with a LEGO ID to upload their creations in the form of a snapshot. There is also a Designer's blog that one can read and learn about designing new sets and having fun with the LEGO sets. And there is a designers blog so you can see what the LEGO designers think of the LEGO sets.

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