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LEGO Club Magazine, formerly known as Brick Kicks (Bricks 'n Pieces in the UK), LEGO Mania Magazine and then simply LEGO Magazine until 2008, is the Official Magazine of The LEGO Club. It has many features such as special offers, comics, games, contests, modeling tips, and more.

Variations[edit | edit source]


There are several different versions of LEGO Club Magazine:

  • LEGO Club Magazine - A playbook featuring comics, building ideas, cool creations, and games. First seen in the US in fall of 1987.
  • LEGO BrickMaster Magazine - The "premium" version of LEGO Club Magazine with more pages and exclusive content. First seen in November 2005. Beginning in November 2007, exclusive sets from Indiana Jones, Star Wars, BIONICLE, Creator, and City were included with the magazine exclusively for Brickmaster members. In 2011, The theme was replaced by LEGO Master Builder Academy.
  • School Edition - A new edition with educational articles relating to LEGO themes and products, games, activities and more.
  • LEGO Club Jr. - First seen in Jan/Feb 2007, LEGO Club Jr is a version of the magazine specifically designed for readers younger than six years old.
  • International Variations - Different countries around the world often receive variations on the US edition of the magazine. Such variations include Bricks and Pieces, LEGO World Club, and LEGO Adventures Magazine.

BIONICLE comics[edit | edit source]

Exclusive BIONICLE comic books were, from 2001 to 2010 released with LEGO Club and Brickmaster magazines.

Mascot[edit | edit source]

The LEGO Club's current mascot is Max, a minifigure who first appeared in 2008 and has since gone on to appear in the majority of issues since. He will often introduce readers to new themes featured in the Magazine, or talk about upcoming events or changed to the LEGO Club website.

Previous LEGO Club Magazine mascots include:

The Great Redini was a floating minifigure head with a turban, who answered questions from LEGO Club members in early issues of LEGO Magazine.

The LEGO Maniac was commonly found in issues of LEGO Mania Magazine, where he would hand out building tips, inform readers about contests, and adventure with minifigures in short comics.

There is also a mini-doll mascot named Nina.

List of Magazines (Winter 1987-Present)[edit | edit source]

Brick Kicks issues[edit | edit source]

Issue: Feature:
Issue #1 (Fall 1987) Master Builder Designs
Issue #2 (Winter 1987) LEGO World Shows
Issue #3 (Spring 1988) LEGOLAND
Issue #4 (Summer 1988) Zack the LEGO Maniac
Fall 1988 LEGO Sitting Bull
Winter 1988 Dream Houses
Spring 1989 International Builders Contest
Summer 1989 LEGO in Space
Fall 1989 LEGO Around the World
Winter 1989 LEGO Art
Spring 1990 Adult Fans of LEGO
Summer 1990 Safari Thrills
Fall 1990 The LEGO Factory
Winter 1990 The Tallest LEGO Model Ever Built
Spring 1991 LEGO Building Contest
Summer 1991 LEGO Cars of the Future
Fall 1991 Big Building Excitement
Winter 1991 LEGO Mount Rushmore
Spring 1992 LEGO Pirates
Summer 1992 Ancient Egypt
Fall 1992 Building in the Big Apple
Winter 1992 LEGO Imagination Center
Spring 1993 World's Greatest Models Building Contest
Summer 1993 Robots/Future
Fall 1993 LEGO Castle
Winter 1993 Magic
Spring 1994 Dinosaurs
Summer 1994 Inventions
Fall 1994 Spyrius

LEGO Mania Magazine Issues[edit | edit source]

(Winter 1994-April 2002)

Issue: Featured Theme: Comic:
Winter 1994 Islanders LEGO Pirates and the Islanders' Treasure
January 1995 Aquazone
March/April 1995 Launch Command Launch Command
May/June 1995 Spyrius/Unitron
July/Aug 1995 Royal Knights
Sep/Oct 1995 Pirates
Nov/Dec 1995 Special Holiday Edition
Jan/Feb 1996 Exploriens
Mar/Apr 1996 Imperial Armada
May/June 1996 Race
July/Aug 1996 Time Cruisers
Sep/Oct 1996 Wild West
Nov/Dec 1996 A Whole Lot of Holiday Fun!
Jan/Feb 1997 Fright Knights
Mar/Apr 1997 Roboforce
May/June 1997 Divers
July/Aug 1997 Aquaraiders
Sep/Oct 1997 UFO
Nov/Dec 1997 Hang on for Holiday Fun!
Jan/Feb 1998 Adventurers Desert
Mar/Apr 1998 Hydronauts/Stingrays
May/June 1998 Extreme Team
July/Aug 1998 Ninja
Sep/Oct 1998 Insectoids
Nov/Dec 1998 Happy Holidays!
Jan/Feb 1999 Adventurers Jungle
Mar/Apr 1999 Star Wars Original Trilogy
May/June 1999 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
July/Aug 1999 Space Port
Sep/Oct 1999 Rock Raiders
Nov/Dec 1999 An Avalanche of Holiday Fun!
Jan/Feb 2000 Arctic
Mar/Apr 2000 Star Wars Original Trilogy
May/June 2000 Knights Kingdom
July/Aug 2000 Soccer
Sep/Oct 2000 Adventurers Dino Island
Nov/Dec 2000 Studios
Jan/Feb 2001 Life on Mars
Mar/Apr 2001 Alpha Team
May/June 2001 Dinosaurs
July/Aug 2001 Jack Stone
Sep/Oct 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Nov/Dec 2001 Peace on Earth and Happy Holidays
Jan/Feb 2002 Alpha Team: Mission Deep Sea
Mar/Apr 2002 Soccer

LEGO Magazine Issues[edit | edit source]

(May–June 2002 - March–April 2008)

Issue: Featured Theme: Comic:
May/June 2002 Star Wars Star Wars
July 2002 Galidor
July/Aug 2002 Island Xtreme Stunts
Sep/Oct 2002 Harry Potter
Nov/Dec 2002 LEGO Themes
Jan/Feb 2003 Basketball
Mar/Apr 2003 Orient Expedition
5.03 Make and Create
7.03 Make and Create
9.03 Rahkshi
11.03 LEGO Themes
1.04 Star Wars Original Trilogy
2.04/3.04 Toa Metru
5.04 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
July/Aug 2004 Knights Kingdom
Sep/Oct 2004 Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze
Nov/Dec 2004 Make and Create
Jan/Feb 2005 Toa Hordika
Mar/Apr 2005 LEGO Racers
May/June 2005 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
July/Aug 2005 Knights Kingdom
Sep/Oct 2005 BIONICLE
Nov/Dec 2005 Dino Attack LEGO Christmas
Jan/Feb 2006 Exo-Force
Mar/Apr 2006 Racers
May/June 2006 Batman
July/Aug 2006 BIONICLE
Sep/Oct 2006 Star Wars
Nov/Dec 2006 Exo-Force
Jan/Feb 2007 Aqua Raiders
Mar/Apr 2007 Barraki
May/June 2007 Star Wars
July/Aug 2007 Mars Mission
Sep/Oct 2007 Castle
Nov/Dec 2007 Exo-Force Mars Mission, SpongeBob SquarePants
Jan/Feb 2008 Phantoka
Mar/Apr 2008 Racers Star Wars

LEGO Club Magazine[edit | edit source]

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(May 2008 – present)

Issue: Featured Theme: Comic: Building Instructions:
May/June 2008 Indiana Jones Speed Racer, Indiana Jones
July/August 2008 Agents Batman, City Batman Redbird VTOL Aero-Car
September/October 2008 Clone Wars Mars Mission, Racers Star Wars T-22 Armored Airspeeder
November/December 2008 Mistika BIONICLE, Indiana Jones
January/February 2009 Glatorian BIONICLE, Star Wars, Power Miners
March/April 2009 Power Miners BIONICLE, Star Wars, Power Miners Indiana Jones Crystal Cannon Truck
May/June 2009 Construction
July/August 2009 Space Police
September/October 2009 Glatorian Legends
November/December 2009 Star Wars
January/February 2010 Atlantis Atlantis, Star Wars
March/April 2010 Ben 10 BIONICLE, LEGO Star Wars
May/June 2010 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
July/August 2010 Games
September/October 2010 Hero Factory
November/December 2010 Star Wars
January/Febuary 2011 Ninjago
March/April 2011 Hero Factory
May/June 2011 Alien Conquest
September/October 2011 Space
November/December 2011 Ninjago Hero Factory

Gallery of Covers[edit | edit source]

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