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1996 - 1997 (2002)


Cowboys (civilians)

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Western, also known as Wild West was a LEGO System theme that ran from 1996 to 1997. Three sets were re-released in 2002.

The theme was set in the American Old West in the second half of the 19th century and featured cowboys, outlaws, cavalry soldiers and native Americans. It was the first theme that introduced realistic fire arms (revolvers and rifles) that could also be found in the real world of today, while Pirates only featured antique weapons like muskets and flintlock pistols. It was also the first theme to introduce cultural characteristics for minifigures. That being the printed head pieces for the indians.

Description[edit | edit source]

Gold City under the watchful eye of the Sheriff, while it's harassed by bandits.

Western was the first minifigure-compatible Wild West-styled LEGO theme, but there have been earlier sets of the same subject. Most notably 620 Wild West Scene (1975) and 617 Cowboys (1975) which both included the old-style LEGOLAND Minifigures, that already had the same cowboy hats used today.

The first sets from 1996 focused on the aspect of sheriffs fighting against outlaws, as well as the military presence in the old west, and less on civilian life. The few sets that featured town-life served more as a back drop for the gang of bandits robbing carriages or banks. The town, called Gold City, consisted only of the Sheriff station as well as a bank and a general store (6765 Gold City Junction). The bandits took refuge at an abandoned mine outside the city. Another important element of the theme was the cavalry, based at Fort LEGOREDO.

In the second and also last year of the theme, 1997, Indians became a major part of Western. Most of the sets included teepees, along with their main settlement, Rapid River Village. None of the sets including Indians featured other types Western minifigures .

Three Western sets were re-released in 2002, similar to Pirates which also had three re-releases the previous year.

New and exclusive pieces[edit | edit source]

Several new pieces were introduced with the Western theme, such as the revolvers and rifles, as well as the soldiers' kepis, which has since been seen as grey in Rock Raiders and Star Wars sets, as black in Adventurers and Trains, brown in Adventurers and tan and sand green in Indiana Jones. The Bandannas used for the cavalry soldiers and the bandits were another of the new pieces that were seen again in various later sets, as were the large barrels. The gold bugle, another new piece appeared in sets of the Western theme, and later Time Cruisers, Soccer and My Own Creation themed sets.

Rare pieces that did not appear elsewhere include the Indian teepees, the hollow tree stump and various accessories of the Indians, such as the headdresses of the chief and the medicine man, the hair pieces of the other Indians and the feathers with black tips on their heads.

6769 Fort LEGOREDO is one of the most popular sets of the theme.

Sets[edit | edit source]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
08098 Rose Art Floor Puzzle, Wild West, 3D.jpg 08098  Rose Art Floor Puzzle, Wild West 3D          
2846 Indian Kayak.jpg 2846  Indian Kayak  18  1     1997 
4127417.jpg 4127417  Walmart Co-pack    Town female, Green Ninja RobberAxelBanditDocsJetSparksCavalry ColonelColonel Colt CarsonCavalry Soldier     1999 
4244710-Minifig - Western.jpg 4244710  Minifig - Western Cowboy with Guns       2004 
5317 Wild West Accessories.jpg 5317  Wild West Accessories  39       1999 
5392 Wild West Accessories.jpg 5392  Wild West Accessories  31     $5.00  1997 
5526554 Steckbrief für den Kopfgeldjäger.jpg 5526554  Steckbrief für den Kopfgeldjäger       1997 
5526564 Der Falsche General.jpg 5526564  Der Falsche General       1996 
5923 Western Photo Frame.jpg 5923  Western Photo Frame  138  Indian Chief 2     2002 
6706 Box.jpg 6706  Frontier Patrol  26  Cavalry ColonelColonel Colt CarsonCavalry Soldier   $6.00  1997 
6709 Box.jpg 6709  Tribal Chief  14  Indian Chief   $4.00  1997 
6712 Box.jpg 6712  Sheriff's Showdown  26  SheriffBlack Bart   $4.00 / DM 9.95 (= €5.09)  1996 
6716 Box.jpg 6716  Weapons Wagon  63  Soldier   $8.00 / DM 19.99 (= €10.22)  1996 
6748 Box.jpg 6748  Boulder Cliff Canyon  250  6   $40.00  1997 
6755 Box.jpg 6755  Sheriff's Lock-Up  170  SheriffRed Shirted CowboyFlatfoot ThompsonDewey Cheatum   $25.00 / DM 49.95 (= €25.54)  1996 
6761 Box.jpg 6761  Bandits' Secret Hideout  238  5   $40.00 / DM 79.95 (= €40.88)  1996 
6762 Box.jpg 6762  Fort LEGOREDO  673  10   $99.99  2002 
6763 Box.jpg 6763  Rapid River Village  343  7   $70.00  2002 
6764 Box.jpg 6764  Sheriff's Lock-Up  171  SheriffRed Shirted CowboyFlatfoot ThompsonDewey Cheatum   $19.99  2002 
6765 Box.jpg 6765  Gold City Junction  337  Banker

Black BartZackSheriffCavalry Soldier

Flatnose Curry  
$50.00  1996 
6769 Box.jpg 6769  Fort LEGOREDO  668  10   $85.00 / DM 179.99 (= €92.03)  1996 
6790 Box.jpg 6790  Bandit's Wheel Gun  21  Black Bart   $2.00  1997 
6791.jpg 6791  Bandit's Wheel Gun  21  Black Bart   $2.00  1997 
6799 Box.jpg 6799  Showdown Canyon  75  4   $10.00  1997 
K6762 Western Kit.jpg K6762  Western Collection  857       2002 

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