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LEGOLAND Minifigure



1974-1978 (parts made until 1985)

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The LEGOLAND minifigure was the first type of minifigure used in the LEGOLAND-themed sets from the year 1974. With the advent of the new LEGO minifigures in 1978, these were not used again to date. The parts were used for various objects until 1985 when production was ceased with the arrival of the newer minifigures.

This type of minifigure was different from the modern type in several different ways. The arms were positioned down the sides of the torso and did not move, making the torso one single piece, which led to the colloquial name "hands in pockets" minifigure. The legs, likewise, did not move, and were also a single piece. The head is the same piece that is used today, except it was not printed with eyes or a mouth, and the top stud was solid instead of being mostly open. The figures had no hands, so they couldn't hold anything. They had a limited amount of headgears, including pilot's cap, cowboy hat or pigtail hair.

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In the LEGOLAND theme, people are first represented using standard LEGO bricks, as the man driving the baggage cart in kit 622, released in 1970, four years before the first LEGOLAND minifigures, and eight years before the modern minifigure had appeared first.

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