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Belville Figure





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Belville Figures are the Belville-residing equivalents of minifigures. They appear in almost all of the Belville sets.

Description[edit | edit source]

Instead of having the design of normal System minifigures, they are more similar to dolls. They are taller and more life-like to appeal to young girls. They have jointed elbows and ankles making them more flexible than the usual minifigure. Common colors include pink and purple.

Belville figures have a small hole in their head to fit in various accessories, such as crowns (as is the case with 5812 King and the Queen from 5826 The Queen's Room), headbands (as is the case with 5803 Iris) or hats (5804 Witch's Cottage). Likewise the figures have similar holes in their feet, allowing small ribbons to be attached to them (5803 Iris).

In 2004 the figures' arms were altered to be less flexible and more like those of traditional System minifigures. Of the four Belville sets released that year, the only exception to this rule is the Denmark-only set 5877 Wedding Coach, where both figures have the older-style more flexible arms.

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