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2014 - 2018

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Bricks & More, 4 Plus, Jack Stone

Juniors is a theme released in 2014, replacing Bricks & More. Juniors features sets with larger pieces and easy-to-construct structures, and is intended for a somewhat younger audience, much like older themes such as 4 Plus. Unlike its predecessors, it includes sets based on various licenses, such as Super Heroes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, rather than focusing exclusively on LEGO's own intellectual properties. It is also the first and only theme to use both minifigures and mini-dolls.

The Juniors theme was retired in 2018. Since then, Juniors-style sets were integrated normal product lines and feature a large "4+" logo on the front of the box.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 10665  Spider-Man: Spider-Car Pursuit          
No image 10666  Digger          
No image 10667  Construction          
No image 10668  Princess Play Castle          
No image 10669  Turtle's Lair          
No image 10671  Fire Emergency          
No image 10672  Batman: Defend the Batcave          
No image 10673  Car Rally          
No image 10674  Pony Farm          
No image 10675  Police: The Big Escape          
No image 10676  Knights' Castle          
No image 10677  Beach Excursion          
No image 10679  Pirate Treasure Hunt          
No image 10680  Refuse Truck          
No image 10683  Road Work Truck          
No image 10684  Supermarket Case          
No image 10685  Fire Station          
No image 10686  Family House          
No image 10687  Spider-Man Hideout          
No image 10720  Police Helicopter Chase          
No image 10721  Iron Man vs Loki          
No image 10722  Snake Showdown          
No image 10723  Disney Princess Ariel’s Dolphin Carriage          
No image 10724  Batman and Superman vs. Lex Luthor          
No image 10725  Lost Temple          
No image 10726  Stephanie's Horse Carriage          
No image 10727  Emma's Ice Cream Truck          
No image 10728  Mia's Vet Clinic          
No image 10729  Cinderella’s Carriage