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Prince Charming

Disney Princess


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Henry Charming or Prince Charming is a DUPLO Figure released in the Disney Princess theme in 2012. He was later reintroduced as a mini-doll figure in 2014 when System based sets were released.

Description[edit | edit source]

DUPLO[edit | edit source]

Prince Charming has unprinted, red legs. His light yellow torso has golden epaulets and ribbons printed on it. He has long light yellow sleeves, and light nougat hands. His head is light nougat as well, and features large brown eyes, and a smiling expression. He has black hair.

System[edit | edit source]

As a mini-doll figure, the prince's tunic is light blue with a golden belt, epaulets, and ribbons and ribbons printed on. He wears red trousers with a golden line running down the side of each leg and black shoes. His eyes are brown and he has messy dark brown hair.

Background[edit | edit source]

When Prince Charming wished to get married, he held a grand ball and invited everyone in the kingdom to it. He was utterly charmed by a mysterious girl who ran off at the stroke of midnight, leaving behind only a slipper. The Prince traveled through the land, until he found the girl who's foot fit the slipper - Cinderella. They got married, and lived happily ever after in a castle.

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