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Olaf is a Disney Princess figure that debuted in 2015.

Description[edit | edit source]

Olaf is divided into three white parts, each representing a ball of snow. The bottom piece is rounded and the middle piece is a 1x1 connector brick. On the sides of the connector are two brown sticks, which are meant to be his arms. On the front is a singular stud, which depicts the three black rocks from the original design. The third and final "ball" is his head, which was made especially for this minifigure. It is fairly elliptical and features a stretched face. On the face is an open smile with two buckteeth. Above this is a carrot nose and two printed-on eyes, as well as the accompanying eyebrows.

Background[edit | edit source]

Olaf first appears in Frozen during Anna and Elsa's childhood, though he's just an inanimate snowman. Later, when Elsa becomes the ice queen, she recreates him and unknowingly gives him life. While looking for Elsa, Anna encounters this live version of Olaf and returns his missing carrot nose. He then imagines what summer is like, without realizing that he would melt in the heat. Afterwards, he helps Anna reach the top of the North Mountain to find her sister.

After being expelled by Marshmallow, Olaf follows Anna (struck by Elsa's magic in the castle), Kristoff and Sven to the Valley of Living Rocks, where the trolls live, to seek help in saving Anna. There, the trolls try to marry Anna and Kristoff (Fixer Upper) and Olaf sings a sentence in the sequence.

The group thinks a "True Love's Kiss" can save Anna, so they head back to Arendelle. Olaf gets separated from the group on the way, and reappears in the library after Hans' betrayal. He comforts Anna, telling her the real meaning of love. They then head to the fjord, hoping to find Kristoff, but Olaf is blown away before he can make it there.

In the end, when Elsa brings back summer, she creates a snow cloud to stand directly above Olaf, meaning he's finally able to witness summer without melting.

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