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Bricks and More
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Bricks and More is a theme that exists in both System and DUPLO lines which was introduced in 2009. It is the successor of Creative Building theme. It comprises sets that contain simple LEGO elements, mostly classic bricks, and deliberately renounces the use of more specialized pieces that usually appear in the minifigure-centric play-themes. The resulting models are usually simple in design and look less realistic. Buckets are sold under this theme as well.

Sets of this theme usually did not contain minifigures, although there are some exceptions.

The segment of simple models and brick assortments was taken over from the Creator line which now focuses on more elaborate models.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 10656  My First LEGO Princess          
No image 10659  Blue LEGO Suitcase          
No image 10660  Pink LEGO Suitcase          
No image 10661  My First LEGO Fire Station          
No image 4237348  Black Lunchbox          
No image 4493792  Salt and Pepper Shakers          
No image 4625  Pink Brick Box          
No image 4626  LEGO Brick Box          
No image 4635  Fun with Vehicles          
No image 4636  Police Building Set          
No image 4637  Safari Building Set          
No image 5416  DUPLO Brick Box          
No image 5417  DUPLO Deluxe Brick Box          
No image 5487  Fun With LEGO Bricks          
No image 5507  Deluxe Brick Box          
No image 5508  Deluxe Brick Box          
No image 5512  LEGO XXL Box          
No image 5522  Golden Anniversary Set          
No image 5529  LEGO Basic Bricks          
No image 5549  LEGO Building Fun          
No image 5560  Large Pink Brick Box          
No image 5575  Basic Bricks - Medium          
No image 5589  LEGO Giant Box          
No image 5622  Basic Bricks – Large          
No image 5623  Basic Bricks – Large          
No image 5749  LEGO Creative Building Kit          
No image 5898  Cars Building Set          
No image 5899  House Building Set          
No image 5929  Knight and Castle Building Set          
No image 5930  Road Construction Building Set          
No image 5932  My First LEGO Set          
No image 5933  Airport Set          
No image 6053  Building Set          
No image 6117  Doors & Windows          
No image 6118  Wheels          
No image 6119  Roof Tiles          
No image 6131  Build and Play          
No image 6176  Basic Bricks - Deluxe          
No image 6186  Build Your Own LEGO Harbour          
No image 6187  Road Construction Set          
No image 6191  Fire Fighter Building Set          
No image 6192  Pirate Building Set          
No image 6193  Castle Building Set          
No image 6194  My LEGO Town          
No image 620  Blue Building Plate          
No image 630  Brick Separator (2011)          
No image 66284  LEGO Build and Play Value Pack          
No image 66380  Bricks and More Co-Pack          
No image 7616  LEGO Basic Red Bucket set          
No image 9384  Bricks Set          

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