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1957 - 2003

Subtheme of:

System, DUPLO

Basic, also known as Classic, was one of LEGO's main product lines that made use of System bricks and consisted of sets that solely focused on the building aspect of LEGO. The sets were mainly composed of simple, basic LEGO System bricks and contained only few, if any, of the highly specialized pieces that could be found in LEGO's minifigure-compatible playthemes such as Space or Town. Other than the sets of these themes, Basic sets contained instructions and ideas for more than one main model and stirred the creativity by using simple pieces with a high reuse value. The main purpose was to inspire children to make their own models with these bricks and to introduce young children to normal LEGO playthemes.

The theme evolved from the series of Universal Building Sets and was introduced in 1985, when the name Basic first appeared in catalogs and on boxes. The theme was replaced with the similar FreeStyle line in 1996, until it was discontinued in 1998 and Basic was brought back temporarily. In 2001, it was eventually superseded by Creator and Designer.

One of the main innovations of Basic was the bucket, an assortment of bricks related to a specific subject or just molded in the same color, sold in a large plastic bucket with giant studs on its lid. Buckets are still sold today.

Basic sets had varying levels of complexity, ranging from simple sets with just a few crude pieces to elaborately designed vehicles. Those sets usually did not contain any minifigures, although there are occasional exceptions. The sets also featured a varied array of bricks. Sometimes they contained propellers, flowers and other rare elements.

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