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1998 - 1999

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Indiana Jones
Pharaoh's Quest

Egypt was an Adventurers subtheme released in 1998. The sets were centered around Egyptian and related North African archaeology and culture.


The adventurers have traveled to Egypt to find the legendary Re-Gou Ruby, which is said to have magical powers. It is under the protection by the undead Pharaoh Hotep.

Characters introduced[edit]

All the Adventurers have names related to weather, a precedent kept in the contemporary Pharaoh's Quest theme.

  • Johnny Thunder: The leading man in the LEGO Adventurers line. He is Australian and is a daring, compassionate archaeologist. He sports a khaki shirt with a red bandanna, has black legs, and a brown bush hat.
  • Dr. Charles Lightning (aka Dr. Kilroy): One of Johnny Thunder's companions on his epic adventures. He is a professor and is like a father figure to Johnny. He sports a pith helmet, a white shirt with a red bow-tie, and green legs.
  • Gail Storm (aka Pippin Reed): The female companion of Johnny Thunder who is a budding journalist for the 'WORLD' Magazine, recording all of his adventures. She sports a green, brown, or tan jacket, red legs or tan legs, and either a pith helmet or pilot helmet.
  • Harry Cane (aka Hurrykain): One of Johnny Thunder's best friends, who is an experienced pilot. He wears a pilot helmet with a leather jacket and black legs. His name is a play-on-words of 'Hurricane', thus relating to weather like his fellow adventurers.
  • Baron Von Barron (aka Sam Sinister, Sam Sanister, Lord Sinister, Lord Sam Sinister, Mr. Hates, Evil Eye): The main villain in the Adventurers line, he seeks to take things he considers valuable, including dinosaurs. He has a scarred face and sports a monocle, khaki shirt with holster, grey legs, epaulets, and either a pith helmet, top hat, or pilot helmet. His left hand is a hook. He is one of the most-wanted men in the LEGO world. In explanation of his many different names, it is said that he is constantly changing his name to avoid capture by the authorities, but Sam Sanister is probably his real name, and since "Sanister" sounds like "Sinister", that is probably where he got his current title.
  • Slyboots: Sidekick or partner to Baron von Barron. One of the main villains, he dresses entirely in black and is a representation of the archetypal "villain". He was originally called Sam Sinister, but when the Baron took the name in the later years, he was renamed Slyboots. This confusing name change has since been acknowledged, and joked about, by the LEGO Group itself.
  • Pharaoh Hotep: An undead Pharaoh who guards the magical Re-Gou Ruby.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
1024601.jpg 1024601  Adventurers Value Pack  133  Dr. KilroySam SinisterPharaoh HotepSkeleton     2001 
1094 Box.jpg 1094  Johnny Thunder  12  Johnny Thunder     1999 
1182-Adventurers Raft.jpg 1182  Adventurers Raft  17  Johnny Thunder     1999 
1183-1.jpg 1183  Mummy and Cart  18  Pharaoh Hotep   $2.00  1999 
2541 Adventures Buggy.jpg 2541  Adventures Car  25  Baron Von Barron     1998 
2542 Adventurers Aeroplane.jpg 2542  Adventure Mini-Plane  21  Harry Cane     1998 
2879 Box.jpg 2879  Desert Expedition  192  Harry CaneSlybootsSam SinisterDr. KilroySkeleton   $20.00  1998 
Adv car.jpg 2995  Adventurers Car  70  Pharaoh SkeletonDr. Lightning     1998 
2996 Box.jpg 2996  Adventurers Tomb  75  Pharaoh HotepSlyboots   $8.00  1998 
3020-1.1177643666.thumb2.jpg 3020  Adventurers Raft  18  Johnny Thunder     1998 
1183-1.jpg 3021  King Pharaoh the Third  17  Pharaoh Hotep   $1.99  1998 
3022 Box.jpg 3022  Harry Cane's Airplane  23  Harry Cane     1998 
3023 Box.jpg 3023  Slyboot Car  24  Slyboots     1998 
3039 Box.jpg 3039  Adventurers Plane  23  Harry Cane     1998 
3055 Box.jpg 3055  Adventurers Car  21  Johnny Thunder     1998 
3722 Box.jpg 3722  Treasure Tomb  164  Johnny ThunderBaron Von BarronPharaoh Skeleton   $19.99  1998 
5900 Box.jpg 5900  Johnny Thunder  13  Johnny Thunder   $2.50  1998 
5909-Treasure Raiders set with Mummy Storage Container.jpg 5909  Treasure Raiders set with Mummy Storage Container  192  Harry CaneSlybootsSam SinisterDr. KilroySkeleton   $19.99  1998 
5918 Box.jpg 5918  Scorpion Tracker  34  Johnny Thunder   $4.00  1998 
5919-1.jpg 5919  Treasure Tomb  160  Baron Von BaronJohnny ThunderPharaoh Skeleton   $19.99  1998 
5928-1.jpg 5928  Bi-Wing Baron  70  Baron Von Barron   $6.00  1998 
5938 Box.jpg 5938  Oasis Ambush  76  Johnny ThunderSlybootsPharaoh Skeleton   $7.99  1998 
2879 Desert Expedition.jpg 5948  Desert Expedition  192  Harry CaneLord Sam SinisterSlybootsDr. KilroySkeleton   $20.00  1998 
5958 Box.jpg 5958  Mummy's Tomb  253  Johnny ThunderDr. LightningSlybootsPharaoh Hotep   $29.99  1998 
5978 Box.jpg 5978  The Secret of the Sphinx  342  Baron Von BarronDr. KilroyJohnny ThunderPharaoh HotepPippin ReedSlybootsPharaoh Skeleton   $49.99  1998 
5988 Box.jpg 5988  Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins  710  Johnny ThunderDr. LightningPippin ReedPharaoh HotepBaron Von BarronSlybootsPharaoh SkeletonSkeleton (2)Harry Cane   $79.99  1998 
Adventurers combined Lego.jpg 9377  Adventurers Combined Set  855  Johnny Thunder (2)Dr. KilroyPharaoh HotepSkeleton (3)Slyboots (2)Pharaoh SkeletonBaron Von Barron (2)Pippin ReedHarry Cane   $89.25  1998 
No image TS04  T-Shirt, Adventurers Desert       1998 


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Johnny ThunderJohnny (Backpack)Professor KilroyKilroy (Backpack)Pippin ReedHarry CaneSlybootsBaron Von BarronBaron (Pilot)Baron (No Epaulettes)Pharaoh Hotep

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