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This article is about theme. For attraction, see Dino Island (Malaysia).
Dino Island
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Dino Island is the third sub-theme in the Adventurers series. It is the second smallest Adventurers sub-theme, with only Adventurers Amazon being smaller. All sets were released in 2000, and out of the fourteen sets, only four had more than 100 pieces.

List of sets[edit | edit source]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
1278 Box.jpg 1278  Johnny Thunder & Baby T  20  Johnny Thunder     2000 
1279 Cunningham's Dinofinder.jpg 1279  Cunningham's Dinofinder  21  Mr. Cunningham     2000 
1280-1.jpg 1280  Microcopter  28  Dr. Kilroy     2000 
1281 Mike's Dinohunter.jpg 1281  Mike's Dinohunter  24  Mike     2000 
5903 Box.jpg 5903  Johnny Thunder and Baby T  23  Johnny Thunder   $2.00  2000 
5904 Box.jpg 5904  Microcopter  28  Dr. Kilroy   $2.00  2000 
5911 Johnny Thunder's Plane.jpg 5911  Johnny Thunder's Plane  18  Johnny Thunder   $3.00  2000 
5912.jpg 5912  Mike's Swamp Boat  18  Mike   $2.99  2000 
Dr.Kilroy.jpg 5913  Dr. Kilroy's Car  20  Dr. Kilroy   $2.99  2000 
5914-Baby T-Rex Trap.jpg 5914  Sam Sinister and Baby T  20  Sam Sinister   $3.00  2000 
5920 Box.jpg 5920  Island Racer  50  Lord Sam Sinister   $5.00  2000 
5921-1.jpg 5921  Research Glider  56  Mike   $6.00  2000 
5934-1.jpg 5934  Dino Explorer  88  Johnny ThunderDr. Kilroy   $15.00  2000 
5935 Box.jpg 5935  Island Hopper  202  Pippin Reed   $20.00  2000 
5955-1-1.jpg 5955  All Terrain Trapper  186  Alexia SinisterBaron Von BarronMr. Cunningham   $29.99  2000 
Dino.jpg 5975  T-Rex Transport  322  Lord Sam SinisterAlexia SinisterJohnny ThunderMikeDr. Kilroy   $49.99  2000 
5987 Box.jpg 5987  Dino Research Compound  617  MikeMr. CunninghamSam SinisterJohnny ThunderPippin ReedDr. Kilroy   $80.00  2000 
Kabdino-1.jpg Kabaya  Dino Island 4-Pack  80  Dr. KilroyJohnny ThunderMikeMr. Cunningham     2000 

Minifigures[edit | edit source]

Tn adv010 jpg.jpg
Johnny ThunderMikeDr. KilroyPippin ReedPippin (Pilot)Sam SinisterSinister (Island Racer)Alexia SinisterMr. CunninghamCunningham (Pilot)

Characters introduced in this theme[edit | edit source]

Alexia Sinister: The sister of Sam Sinister who helps him with his latest plot against the trio. According to the September-October 2000 edition of LEGO Mania Magazine, she is the one who "comes up with the plans", and she is always trying to get Johnny Thunder to work for the bad guys.

Mike: A young friend of Johnny Thunder who helps him out on Dino Island. According to the September-October 2000 edition of LEGO Mania Magazine, he was rescued by Johnny on one of his adventures, and wants to keep baby tyrannosaur as a pet.

Mr. Cunningham: A poacher and big game hunter who is hired by Sam Sanister who helps him in his attempt to capture the Dinosaurs of Dino Island. According to the September-October 2000 edition of LEGO Mania Magazine, he is a master of disguise, is Sam's "toughest tough guy", and he is very sneaky.

Animals[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Dino Island appears in LEGO Racers 2 as a racing circuit with four races and a boss.
  • This is the only Adventurers theme that is not based on a real life location.
  • This was the first ever LEGO theme to incorporate minifigure-scale dinosaurs; the only theme before it to incorporate dinosaurs was Dino (DUPLO).

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