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Aqua Raiders

Aquazone was an underwater theme first introduced by the LEGO Company in 1995. The setting of all the Aquazone lines was the ocean, and usually involved two sides combating each other for certain valuables (such as Hydrolator Crystals and other treasures). As the series progressed through the years, new factions were introduced and the older ones were phased out of production. There are five subthemes of Aquazone. Its last new releases were in 1998.

Aquazone was the second entirely new LEGO System theme (after Pirates) that was introduced after the initial three classic major themes Town, Castle and Space from 1978.

History and Factions[edit]

Aquanauts (1995-1996)[edit]

See Main Article: Aquanauts

In the original Aquazone line, the heroic Aquanaut miners fought against the villainous Aquasharks and their leader, Thresher, for control of the crystal mines. The Aquanauts were a group of miners based at the Neptune Discovery Lab, who utilized submarines and submersibles of all shapes and sizes to search for Hydrolator crystals, which they depended on for survival and even trade.

The yellow base colour of the submarines and the bowl-shaped cockpit pieces gave the Aquanauts a rather realistic appearance that was close to actual miniature submarines. However, the second wave in 1996 brought a vessel that featured wheels.

Aquasharks (1995-1996, 1998)[edit]

See Main Article: Aquasharks

The Aquasharks were villainous underwater miners who competed with the Aquanauts for control of crystals and crystal mines. The Aquashark subs sported a colour scheme that was similar to Space Police I and their streamlined design with eyes and shark teeth on the cockpit windows gave them an aggressive appearance.

In 1998 the set 6100 Aquashark Dart was released. The colour scheme was unlike any previous Aquashark set. Only the minifigure's torso was a distinct Aquashark piece.

Aquaraiders (1997)[edit]

See Main Article: Aquaraiders

In 1997 the Aquanauts and Aquasharks subthemes were discontinued and the Aquaraiders were introduced as an alternate villain faction that competed with both the Aquanauts and Aquasharks. Their fleet consisted of three vessels in black with green accents and trans-neon green window pieces. The front windows sported stickers with angry eyes on them. The ships had accessories that looked like drills and grinders and had quite an exotic look for submarines. (Note that actual drills were not introduced until the release of Rock Raiders in 1999). One "ship" even featured an excavator bucket. Another one had wheels. The focus changed from simply collecting crystals to underwater mining.

A new theme called Aqua Raiders was introduced in 2007. This, however, was not a part of Aquazone.

Hydronauts (1998-1999)[edit]

See Main Article: Hydronauts

The final years in the Aquazone line involved a battle between the Hydronaut miners and the fish-like Stingrays. One of the main differences was that the Hydronauts would actually capture the Stingrays and lock them up in the Hydro Crystallization Station. The protagonists included Hank Hydro, Hip Waders, and Crystal Miner.

The colour scheme was similar the one of the Aquanaut line, the only difference being the transparent pieces which were now exclusively transparent green instead of blue and trans-neon orange. But the designs looked even more exotic than in 1997. Just as the Aquanauts and Aquaraiders, the Hydronauts had also a wheeled underwater vehicle but unlike their predecessors from 1997, they didn't make any use of drilling equipment.

The minifigures had unique masks printed onto their faces which gave them a very alien look.

The Hydronauts used suction cups to move their storage boxes in contrast to the commonly utilized magnets.

Stingrays (1998)[edit]

See Main Article: Stingrays

The Stingrays were fish-like mutants and enemies of the Hydronauts who used underwater vessels that resembled sea creatures like rays or crabs. The villains included Commander Manta Ray and Raven Ray, who despite his great intelligence, often found himself in a Hydronaut holding cell.

New Pieces[edit]

The piece Rock 1 x 1 Crystal 5 Point made its debut in the Aquazone theme.

With the start of the Aquazone line some new pieces that later became ubiquitous were introduced. However there were also some pieces that were never seen again outside of this theme.

  • Crystals
  • Silver knife and short harpoon
  • Minifigure flippers
  • Propellers
  • Hydronaut helmet: These parts first appeared in the Hydronauts sets and reappeared only in the 1999 Town-Spaceport theme.
  • Octopus

Exclusive pieces[edit]

  • Aquazone underwater visors: These pieces were only used in Aquazone sets. Other underwater themes used diving masks with snorkels.
  • Aquanaut helmet: This element was never used outside the Aquanaut subtheme.
  • Aquashark helmet: This element was only used in the Aquashark and Aquaraiders subthemes.
  • Stingray helmet and minifigure head: These parts were never used outside the Stingray subtheme.
  • Suction guns: These parts were never used outside the Hydronaut subtheme.



Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
1095.jpg 1095  Super Sub  24  1   $3.00  1999 
1728 Box.jpg 1728  Crystal Crawler  91  1     1996 
1749 Paravine.jpg 1749  Aquanaut Paravane  16  1   $2.00  1996 
1806 Underwater Scooter.jpg 1806  Underwater Scooter  16  1     1996 
1822 Box.jpg 1822  Sea Claw 7  192  Aquanaut (2)   $20.00  1995 
2160-1.jpg 2160  Crystal Scavenger  105  Scavenger Sam   $15.00  1997 
2161 Aqua Dozer.jpg 2161  Aqua Dozer  131  1   $25.00  1997 
2162 Box.jpg 2162  Hydro Reef Wrecker  279  2   $40.00  1997 
5160.jpg 5160  Aquazone Accessories  21     $3.00  1995 
5382-1.jpg 5382  Aquazone Accessories  28  1 (Skeleton parts)     1998 
6100.jpg 6100  Aquashark Dart  24  1     1998 
6104-1.jpg 6104  Aquacessories / Aquanauts & Aquasharks  20  2   $3.00  1996 
6107 Recon Ray.jpg 6107  Recon Ray  20  1   $2.99  1998 
6109 Sea Creeper (Better Picture).jpg 6109  Sea Creeper  79  1   $9.99  1998 
6110 Box.jpg 6110  Solo Sub  22  Hydronaut   $4.00  1998 
6115 Box.jpg 6115  Shark Scout / Aquashark Dart  28  1 Aquashark   $3.50  1995 
6125 Box.jpg 6125  Sea Sprint 9 / Aquanaut Octopod  28  1 Aquanaut   $4.00  1995 
6109 Sea Creeper (Better Picture).jpg 6140  Sea Creeper  78  1   $9.99  1998 
1728 Crystal Crawler.jpg 6145  Crystal Crawler  91  1   $11.99  1996 
6150 Box.jpg 6150  Crystal Detector  101  Hydronaut   $19.99  1998 
6155 Box.jpg 6155  Deep Sea Predator / Aquashark Barracuda  103  1 Aquashark   $22.00  1995 
6159 Crystal Detector.jpg 6159  Crystal Detector  104  Hydronaut     1998 
6160 box.jpg 6160  Sea Scorpion  292  3   $34.99  1998 
6175 Box.jpg 6175  Crystal Explorer Sub / Aquanaut DSRV II  160  2   $33.00  1995 
6180 Box.jpg 6180  Hydro Search Sub  274  4   $50.00  1998 
6190 Box.jpg 6190  Shark's Crystal Cave  256  ThresherAquashark   $50.00  1996 
6195 Box.jpg 6195  Neptune Discovery Lab / Aqua Dome 7  495  4   $88.99  1995 
6198-1.jpg 6198  Stingray Stormer  398  4   $70.00  1998 
6199 HCS.jpg 6199  Hydro Crystallization Station  472  5   $89.99  1998 
Aqweird.jpg Aquanauts  Minifigure Pocket Clip  Aquanaut     1992 
Coffeemug.jpg Aquasharks  Drinking Mug       1995 

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