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Speed Racer


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Speed Racer was a subtheme of Racers released in 2008 and discontinued the same year. Based on the film of the same name, it was a small line, featuring only four sets. The vehicles are drawn mainly from the pure speed-racing segments of the film, with only Cruncher Block's truck featuring any of the hidden weapon upgrades the cars are seen using at some points on-screen.

Sets[edit | edit source]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
8158-b.jpg 8158  Speed Racer & Snake Oiler  242  Speed RacerSnake Oiler   $19.99  2008 
8159-b.jpg 8159  Racer X & Taejo Togokhan  237  Racer XTaejo Togokhan     2008 
8160-b.jpg 8160  Cruncher Block & Racer X  367  Cruncher Block

Racer XCruncher's Driver

Taejo Togokhan  
8161-b.jpg 8161  Grand Prix Race  595  Speed Racer

Gray GhostSpritleTrixieCommentatorCannonball TaylorPops Racer

$59.99  2008 

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