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World Racers


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World Racers is a LEGO theme that was released in June 2010. The plot involves two different teams of racers (the Backyard Blasters and Xtreme Daredevils) racing against each other around the world.

Details[edit | edit source]

LEGO World Racers is similar to the previous LEGO Racers theme (one large difference from previous themes is the inclusion of minifigures). Two teams, the Backyard Blasters and the Team Extreme, face each other to win the Trophy for a reality TV show on LSTV, aka LEGO Sports TV. The sets consist of several vehicles in a world-related locale, like a canyon, desert, iceberg, reef, or swamp. The teams have equipped their vehicles with weaponry, such as dynamite, big guns, and so on to battle each other on the track. Some of the sets also have an orange-coloured referee to hold the trophy or to judge the race. The overall theme is very similar to the popular video game Split Second.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Some characteristics can be noted for each team. The Backyard Blasters tend toward larger, chunkier vehicles, weaponry is mostly large, (giant snowballs, giant cannon) or explosive, (dynamite, mines) plus a lot of saws and grapples. The Xtreme Daredevils have sleeker, more streamlined vehicles, weaponry is almost exclusively missiles, which are used on five of their six vehicles.

List of Sets[edit | edit source]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
30031.jpg 30031  World Race Powerboat  27  REX-treme     2010 
30032.png 30032  Dune Buggy  35  Bart Blaster   $2.99  2010 
8863 Blizzard's Peak box.png 8863  Blizzard's Peak  504  MAX-treme

DEX-tremeBart BlasterBilly Bob BlasterBubba Blaster

Race Official  
$59.99 / €59.99  2010 
8864 Desert of Destruction box.png 8864  Desert of Destruction  961  MAX-treme

REX-tremeCrew Member (3)Bart BlasterBubba Blaster

Race Official  
$89.99 / €89.99  May 29, 2010 (US) 
Picture 9.png 8896  Snake Canyon  57  Bart BlasterREX-treme   $9.99 / €9.99  2010 
8897 Jagged Jaws Reef box.png 8897  Jagged Jaws Reef  191  DEX-tremeBart Blaster   $19.99 / €19.99  May 1 (UK and EU), June - August (US) 2010 
Wreckage Road 5.png 8898  Wreckage Road  292  MAX-treme, REX-treme, Billy Bob Blaster, Bart Blaster   $29.99 / €29.99  June 2010 
Gatorswamp1.png 8899  Gator Swamp  354  Billy Bob Blaster

Bubba BlasterREX-tremeDEX-treme

Race Official  
$39.99 / €39.99  2010 

Characters[edit | edit source]

X-treme Daredevils
Backyard Blasters

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