Modular Buildings

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Modular Buildings

2007 - present

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Modular Buildings is a sub-theme of Creator introduced in 2007, which features large, detailed, connectable buildings, aimed at adult fans of LEGO. To date there have been thirteen sets ranging from fire houses to town halls. Each set costs an average of £100/$150 USD, though more recent sets have cost more. The most expensive set is 10255 Assembly Square with a price of $280 USD.

Street Layout[edit]

The Street Layout is the combination of any of the following: 10182 Café Corner, 10185 Green Grocer, 10190 Market Street, 10197 Fire Brigade, 10218 Pet Shop, 10211 Grand Emporium, 10224 Town Hall, 10232 Palace Cinema, 10243 Parisian Restaurant, 10246 Detective's Office, 10251 Brick Bank, 10255 Assembly Square, 10260 Downtown Diner, and 10264 Corner Garage. It utilizes TECHNIC pins to connect the buildings together. Café Corner, Grand Emporium, Palace Cinema, and Brick Bank are connecting corners by which two sides of the layout can be joined together. The street possesses some 1930's design elements, although more modern elements have been introduced.



Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 10182  Café Corner          
No image 10185  Green Grocer          
No image 10190  Market Street          
No image 10197  Fire Brigade          
No image 10211  Grand Emporium          
No image 10218  Pet Shop          
No image 10224  Town Hall          
No image 10230  Mini Modulars          
No image 10232  Palace Cinema          
10243 alt1.jpg 10243  Parisian Restaurant  2469  5   $159.99 / €149.99  January 1, 2014 
No image 10246  Detective's Office          
No image 10251  Brick Bank          
No image 10255  Assembly Square          
No image 10260  Downtown Diner          
10264 box.jpeg 10264  Corner Garage  2569  Girl, Mechanic (Female), Mechanic (Male), Man, Woman, Veterinarian   $199.99 / €179.99  January 1, 2019