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LEGO Education
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1972 - present


DUPLO Basic (Dacta), DUPLO Community, Dino (Dacta), DUPLO Farm (Dacta), DUPLO Learning, DUPLO Mosaic, DUPLO Playhouse (Dacta), DUPLO Rattles (Dacta), DUPLO Supplementary (Dacta), DUPLO Toolo (Dacta), DUPLO Train (Dacta), DUPLO Zoo (Dacta), Explore (Dacta)

Related themes:

City, Town, DUPLO, LEGO Ville

Former logo of Dacta

LEGO Education, formerly known as Dacta, deals with all things that can be used with educational facilities, such as DUPLO and TECHNIC.

This special product line was exclusively developed for usage in kindergarten and schools so the sets typically contain a large amount of pieces - for playing (and learning) together in groups.

Dacta sets often contain many elements, a lot from older LEGO Bricks, while being relatively inexpensive.

Dacta DUPLO sets (including Explore)[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Community[edit | edit source]

Dino (Dacta)[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Farm (Dacta)[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Learning[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Mosaic[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Playhouse (Dacta)[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Rattles (Dacta)[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Supplementary (Dacta)[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Toolo (Dacta)[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Train (Dacta)[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Zoo (Dacta)[edit | edit source]

Explore (Dacta)[edit | edit source]

Other DUPLO Related Sets[edit | edit source]

Dacta System sets (Basic/Bricks and More/Creator/Different Themes)[edit | edit source]

Dacta TECHNIC sets (including Mindstorms)[edit | edit source]

DUPLO Basic (Dacta)[edit | edit source]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image Dacta  acta          

Other Dacta sets[edit | edit source]

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