5771 Hillside House

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Hillside House
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8 - 12


May for UK 2011



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5771 Hillside House is a Creator set released in June 2011. It includes a house, a blue car, a minifigure and a small, white, brick-built dog, with a leash around it's neck. This set is recommended for children aged 8 through 12.


  • The main build, a hillside house, has a garden, barbecue grill, patio, carport and blue convertible. The car included is big enough to fit a minifigure. The patio door can open and there is a patio light. The barbecue grill is on the patio and has two hot dogs. A dog is made of individual pieces. A tree is included similar to the one from 5891 Apple Tree House except with some lime green parts. Solar Panels are included and uses 1x4 blue transparent tiles unlike 8403 City House. The interior, like other creator houses, lacks details. A couch or lounge area inside would be great to add detail. A balcony on the second floor is big and wide enough for a minifigure to lay down. The house has a Power Functions doorbell/dog barking sound brick. A dark grey Indian feather piece is used as a hedge clippers. The convertible can park in the carport.



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