4958 Monster Dino

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Monster Dino
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4958 Monster Dino is a Creator set released in 2007. It contains 792 pieces to build a remote-controlled walking dinosaur with glow-in-the-dark spines, moving arms, mouth, tail and legs. It requires 3 AAA batteries and 6 AA batteries, not included with the set. Power Functions included in the set are: one battery box, one M motor, one XL motor, one sound module (roar), one IR receiver and one IR remote control. One remote control channel controls the walking function, forward or backwards. The swaying motion induced by the walk makes the tail swing left and right. The other channel controls the arm, head and jaw movements, which are all coupled. The head moves forward while its jaws open, then bite, while the arms perform a scratching motion. When the jaws are open, the sound module emits a little "roar" sound.

The set includes instructions for two additional models, a spider and a crocodile. However, you must disasemble one model to build another. This set is recommended for ages 9 through 12.

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