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Notability is used to determine whether something is worthy of having its own article or not. To warrant an article, the topic should meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Any product released by LEGO
    • Note that in some circumstances, some items may be posted on one page for the sake of convenience or easy accessibility.
  2. All minifigures released in official form.
    • Variants of minifigures go on the same article.
  3. All LEGO parts.
  4. Any playable character in a LEGO online or video game.
  5. Any characters in video games, films and other media who play a role deemed important or noteworthy.
  6. Any product based on a LEGO brand, which is officially approved by LEGO.
  7. Any people or companies who have a notable association with LEGO.
  8. Any places based on the LEGO brand.
  9. Any other items considered important or noteworthy.

Note that in numbers 5, 7 and 9, noteworthiness and importance is subjective. If the importance of an article is challenged, the community shall discuss it and resolve the matter.