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Below are Brickipedia's current Official Friends. These sites are endorsed by Brickipedia's community, and are featured on our main page in the Official Friends section. Likewise, our Official Friends link to here on their site. To request Official Friend status, please add a request at Brickipedia:Official Friends/Requests.

BIONICLEsector01[edit source]

BIONICLEsector01 is a wiki dedicated to BIONICLE products and story, with over 10,000 pages. BIONICLEsector01's sister site, HEROsector01, serves the same purpose for Hero Factory products.

Brickset[edit source]

Brickset is the largest online LEGO set database, originally launched in 1997. More information about Brickset can be found here.

HispaBrick Magazine[edit source]

HispaBrick Magazine is a digital AFOL magazine available in the Spanish and English languages. With several issues every year, HispaBrick Magazine features interviews, reviews, and editorials about the LEGO hobby.

MiniFigs[edit source] is a Star Wars minifigure database site that started from 2009. They have currently documented 1120 minifigures.

Miniland[edit source]

Minland is a danish website which posts LEGO news frequently. It was launched in 2003.

Mixels Wiki[edit source]

The Mixels Wiki is an encyclopedia about the LEGO Mixels theme. It was established in July 2013, and has been growing ever since.

The Brickfilmer's Guild[edit source]

The Brickfilmer's Guild is a community of LEGO fans that connects individuals who practice the art of brickfilming.

Brickfilms Wiki[edit source]

The Brickfilms Wiki is an encyclopedia about stop motion animated films created using LEGO and other plastic brick construction toys.

LEGO Batman Wiki[edit source]

The LEGO Batman Wiki is a wiki all about LEGO Batman with movies, sets, and video games revolving around Batman (along with characters in those video games and he's interacted with).