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The following page lists changes to the site, including recent policy changes and changes to templates.

September 2016
  • Allow pages for any named character in a television show (ie, named in the show, or in the credits)
  • A different category should be created for characters that appear only in the TV show, eg, "Category:Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu characters". This would be a subcategory of "Category:Ninjago minifigures".
  • TV-exclusive characters should go in a separate tab in the navbox (or a separate section for smaller navboxes)
March 2016
  • A new template for pages that need images- {{No images}} - was introduced.
  • Articles in the Magazine and Magazine talk namespace were moved to the main namespace, therefore ending the use of that namespace.
February 2016
  • A new extension - Special:MassMessage.
  • When referring to the titles of episodes of a television series in text, they should be contained inside quotation marks.
  • When listing characters appearances in television series, it should be done chronologically.
    • Additionally, the formatting should be as follows:
*''TV series name''
**Season X
***"episode title"
    • If a character is only mentioned (directly or indirectly) or appears only in flashbacks, it may be noted in a tag after the episode title.
  • A minifigure can have appearances in books mentioned as a separate subheading in the appearance section of the article.
  • A video-game article manual of style was set up.
  • A app article manual of style was set up.
  • As long as a proper distinction is made, articles on LEGO Certified Stores are allowed.
  • The rules regarding the use of {{WIP}} have been updated:
    • WIP should not be used on a new page based on a current or upcoming topic for at least week.
    • Reviews marked as "WIP" will be deleted if there is no edit on them for over a month.
  • The QCG was scrapped. Admins inherit the groups powers.
  • A vote with unanimous support will pass after a week. This overrides other rules on voting, such as voting requirements.
January 2016
  • The old rating system was scrapped. The new system consists of the ratings "Featured Article", "Complete" and "Unrated".
  • A new category structure for "Inventory" pages was introduced.
  • "Reference photos" are allowed for articles where this would be of benefit - for example, licensed minifigures or Architecture sets.
  • "Unofficial" colour names are allowed to be used in articles, although they must link to the article for the "official" colour name.
  • Articles for Certified Master Builders are allowed.
  • Articles for authors who write original stories are allowed.
  • Articles for composers, singers and musicians are allowed.
  • Articles for members of the LEGO Community Team are allowed.
  • It was decided that articles that use {{ListOfWorks}} should list them chronologically.
  • A minifigues gallery of variants may have a subheading for video-game variants.
August 2015
  • "Weapon articles" are changed to "Object articles", to include minifigure accessories that may not necessarily be used for combat.
July 2015
  • A new section has been added to the MoS for set articles- "Availability". This is a subsection of "Description", and is to be used only for sets with limited availability (such as store exclusives and pre-order bonuses). It lists how the set is limited in its availability for each country.
June 2015
May 2015
  • SpamBlacklist was installed and configured, to try and reduce spambot hits, resulting in a small amount of downtime.
March 2015
  • A minor alteration was made to the LEGO Store Manual of Style- events that occur at the store should go in a separate "Events" section, located below the "Description" section.
  • The animal infobox has been removed. For animal/creature articles, the minifigure infobox should be used in place of this, with |Creature=1 added as an extra parameter to animal/creature articles.
  • Reviews of multiple sets are now allowed, with new templates created to accomodate for this.
  • Some bugs with ArticleFeedback preventing seeing unreviewed comments and adding notes fixed.
February 2015
  • The main colours of the Refreshed skin were changed to a lighter tone.
  • Special:Nuke was changed so that only functionaries can access it (was previously available to all administrators).
  • Review pages have been updated with a new infobox, comments section, and a section where users can rate a set out of 5 stars.
  • The {{set}} infobox has been updated with an "Other figures" section, to be used for figures such as animals. A separate {{MinifigureGallery}} should now also be used for such figures.
January 2015
  • Version 2.14 of chat is released, significantly reducing the amount of lag.
  • The "Classic Star Wars" theme is to be split into three separate theme pages (for Episodes IV, V and VI). Additionally, Star Wars sets should now be categorised by subtheme.
  • Parts pages should use the name of the part in its title, in cases where an official name is known. Part pages should use the following naming convention: Part:Design ID (Part name)
  • Category:Parts should now exist primarily as a supercategory- in general, parts pages should not be placed directly into this category anymore.
  • For parts pages where there are are lot of Element IDs for one Design ID, subpages for Element IDs should be made, and the Design ID page should be a "master page". Element ID pages should be named according to the following convention: Part:Design ID/Element ID
  • TV episode transcripts should not be allowed on the site, but external links to transcripts are permitted.
  • Refreshed skin's switch tabs (Review+Inventory sidebar links) disabled in preparation for Refreshed update.
  • Extension:NumberAlpha has been installed.
  • The {{theme}} infobox now has automatic categories added. Categories such as Category:Star Wars subthemes and Category:Themes introduced in 2002 should no longer be manually added to theme pages- they will be taken care of automatically.
  • The Brickipedia News: namespace has been made a content namespace.
  • A Part: namespace has been created, and all parts pages have been moved to this new namespace.
  • Disambiguation pages should be named with a "(disambiguation)" at the end of the title only when absolutely necessary.
  • The automatic category for minifigures in Minifigures (theme) has been changed to Category:Collectable Minifigures.
  • Anonymous commenting has been enabled on Special:WikiForum.
December 2014
  • Extension:PageInCat has been installed.
  • Unlicensed minifigures with the same name are to be grouped on a single page by their year of first release, for example, Policeman (2014).
November 2014
  • Official Friends section of the main page now use site logos instead of text links.