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This article is still under construction. More content may be added in the near future.

Brickipedia currently has the following rules in place with regards to which information must be sourced, and how the articles should be referenced.

Information requiring a source[edit source]

  • Any information pertaining to a future product (set, video game, accessory, etc.), minfigure or theme must be backed up by a source and referenced appropriately.
  • Any quote placed in an article.

How to reference articles[edit source]

Any reference should use the <ref> and </ref> tags to provide a reference, with a "Notes and References" or "References" section placed at the bottom of the article and {{reflist}} placed underneath the heading. To insert a reference which is to be only used once in an article, use the following syntax:

<ref>(article or URL link, or note here)</ref>

If the reference is to be used more than once, the following should be used instead.
For the first insertion of the reference:

<ref name="(somename)">(article or URL link, or note here)</ref>

For any subsequent places that the same reference is needed:

<ref name="(somename)"/>

Note: (somename) refers to any name that you wish to assign to the reference, though the name should relate to the page or note which you are referencing.

What should not be used as a source[edit source]

  • Other wikis. While many other wikis provide useful and relevant information, in most cases there it is no harder to add an unverified statement on the other wiki than it is here. In the case where information is needed from another wiki and it is sourced, list any relevant sources which are listed on the wiki, checking that these sources are valid.

Tagging an unverified statement[edit source]

{{Fact}} may be placed after a statement which is in need of backing up by a source.