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Brickipedia News:First Episode IX and The Mandalorian have been found

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Brickipedia News:First Episode IX and The Mandalorian have been found

User:NovaHawk 13:43, 22 August 2019 (UTC)

avatarby NovaHawk
August 22, 2019

Images of eight Star Wars sets have been found- five from Episode IX, one from the upcoming The Mandalorian TV series, one from Episode IV and a Yoda sculpture. The images aren't watermarked but it isn't really clear if they should be posted yet, so check out the link and the images won't be added here just yet. Here's a list of the sets:

Tell us what you think of the sets in the comments!

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NovaHawkLegendary Brickipedian

7 months ago
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Well... at least we have one original set? Not really LEGO's fault, ST has very uninspired starfighters. The amount of Falcons we've been getting lately makes me wonder if it's going to overtake Snowspeeders soon though. Interesting to see The Mandalorian getting into trouble with some Klatooinians and that they're smart enough to rebuild an AT-ST, guess that's a bit of a spoiler. Yoda looks scary, but it's not really fair to judge those kind of sets without seeing them in real life. All in all, seems like nice figures but pretty underwhelming sets so far, hope there's a few more yet to be revealed.
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