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This article is about the LEGOLAND Windsor attraction. For the theme, see City.


LEGO City is an attraction in LEGOLAND Windisor. It was originally called My Town and was themed to a typical town with the Mayors house, different shops (some just for theming). There is the Brick Brothers Souvenir Company which is a heaven for LEGO lovers, which offers all the latest and greatest LEGO products. LEGO City is in-between Kingdom of the Pharaohs and Traffic Area.

The attractions based in LEGO City are: The Orient Expedition, Diggers Challenge and the Xbox 360 Gaming Zone.

Orient Expedition Train at Station

The Orient Expedition is a train ride which shows some neighbouring rides and areas from a different view like Boating School, LEGO City and NEW for 2011 Atlantis Submarine Voyage! Watch out for Johnny Thunder, Dr Kilroy and Miss Pippin Reed who can be seen on their expeditions at various stages of the ride. Riders should also keep their eyes peeled for sections of the rider where water is sprayed at riders! You may have to duck if you don't want to get a bit wet.

Part of the Xbox 360 Gaming Zone

Diggers Challenge is a very interactive ride where riders will first watch a safety video starring Digger Doug who will teach everyone how to work the diggers correctly and safely. Guests then make their way into the digger area where ten miniature diggers are based in a circular formation. Each has a pool of foam balls and a chute. Using the two levers in the diggers, each person has to scoop the balls out of the pool and into the chute.

The Xbox 360 Gaming Zone is in a small building filled with Xboxs and TVs to play them on. The games available to play are all the new LEGO orientated games so they could be: LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Harry Potter, other games are also available there.

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