Merlin Entertainments Group

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Merlin Entertainments Group

Amusement parks

Year founded:

December 1998


Blackstone Group


Merlin Entertainments Group (Merlin Entertainments for short) is a British amusement park operator company who operate the LEGOLAND parks. The group also own 70% of the LEGOLAND franchise, the other 30% belonging to The LEGO Group. It is the second largest amusement company after Walt Disney Parks. It is owned by the Blackstone Group. In 2019, the majority owner of LEGO Group, KIRKBI is set to buy the group.[1]

Merlin purchased the LEGOLAND parks from the LEGO Group in 2005.

Merlin attractions[edit]

Merlin operates and owns a variety of attractions.

LEGOLAND parks[edit]


LEGOLAND Discovery Centres[edit]


Other attractions[edit]

Merlin operates and owns a number of other attractions worldwide:

Annual Passes[edit]

Merlin offer annual passes in the UK, Germany, Australia and the US. These typically allow year long access to all Merlin facilities in that country.