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“Honey, where are my pants?” The “Where Are My Pants?” Guy is the star of the #1 hit television show “Where Are My Pants?”, written, filmed, and broadcast by the Octan Studios subsidiary of President Business’s personal mega-corporation. Every night, the citizens of Bricksburg tune in to watch the show and laugh at the crazy situations that this pantsless fellow finds himself in, and every morning, they all gather at their office water coolers to chat about their favorite moments from the latest episode. Little do they know that the show is slowly sapping their creativity and imagination – just like President Business wants!  +
The perfect finish for your freight train! Attach the caboose to the end of your freight train so the train crew has someplace to sleep on long journeys! It's also the perfect spot to keep the kitchen so passengers can enjoy a meal. No train is complete without one!  +
The tanker wagon you need! This special train car is designed to carry fuel and other chemicals across the country! Hook it up and get ready to carry valuable freight to where it's needed most!  +
'''Darth Maul lives again!''' '''Darth Maul''' lives again in this striking bust, perfect for display in your home. The Dark Lord of the Sith makes a menacing model and a great addition to any Star Wars collection. Highly detailed and realistic, this Darth Maul bust stands 1' 5" tall.  +
'''Escape from the Empire in the Rebel Blockade Runner!''' Slipping through an Imperial blockade is almost impossible — unless you're flying the Rebel Blockade Runner! With more than 1700 pieces, this Corellian corvette model is so detailed and realistic you'll be ready to launch your own covert mission against the Empire. Built to scale, the Rebel Blockade Runner measures 28" X 11" x 7" and features LEGO bricks in an all-new color — dark red. Add this amazing model to your classic Star Wars collection. Ages 14+. 1748 pieces.  +
'''Be a BIONICLE Master Builder!''' Now you can build your own BIONICLE creatures to add to your adventures! This special BIONICLE Master Builder Set includes pieces and instructions for 15 creatures of Mata Nui – plus you can use the parts to build your own creations too!  +
'''Add Santa to your holiday collection!'''<br /> This happy Santa has a sack of toys for good little girls and boys all over the world!  +
'''Build a happy holiday tree!'''<br /> This holiday tree is sure to bring a little extra cheer to your favorite season!  +
'''Add this reindeer to your holiday decorations!'''<br /> This reindeer's taking a break from Santa's sleigh to add some holiday cheer to your home!  +
'''Axles for your LEGO model!''' The axles you need for your LEGO model! Set includes: Universal Joint Grey x2 4M Cross Axle x4 6M Cross Axle x4 8M Cross Axle x2 12M Cross Axle x2 10M Cross Axle x2 Angle Element 157.5 degrees x2 Angle Element 112.5 degrees x2 Angle Element 90 degrees x2 Angle Element 180 degrees x2 Angle Element 135 degrees x2 Double Cross Block x2 Double Cross Axle x2 Cross Block x2 5M Cross Axle x4 Cross Block x2 Cross Block/Fork x2 3M Cross Block x2 7M Cross Axle x4 3M Cross Axle x4 2M Cross Axle with Groove x4 Toggle Joint x2 3M Cross Axle with knob x4 Catch x2 Catch with Cross Hole x2 Cross Axle Ext. x2 Cross Block 2x3 x2  +
'''Build your own snowman!''' <br /> You don't need snow to build a great snowman, just LEGO bricks! This cute snowman has not been available since 1992, but he's back now to add some fun to your holidays! Easy to build and fun to display!  +
'''Add an angel to your holiday display!'''<br /> This adorable set has not been available in over 10 years! Fun and easy to build, it's sure to brighten your season!  +
'''Add a turkey to your holiday celebration!''' What are the holidays without a turkey? Build this Thanksgiving bird and add him to your holiday decorations! * Wings really flap! * Turkey stands 3.5" (89mm) high and is 2.5" (63mm) wide.  +
'''''Return to Cloud City™! ''Han Solo™ and Princess Leia™ have journeyed to Cloud City™, only to discover it is an Imperial trap! Now Luke Skywalker™ must challenge Darth Vader™ to try and save his friends! ''Unique Set Features: * '' More than 25" in length! * '' 7 mini-figures including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Boba Fett™, Stormtrooper™ and the all-new Lando Calrissian™ * '' Four separate play areas including Landing Platform for the Twin Pod Cloud Car™ (sold separately as item #7119) * '' Full Action Play: Blast Luke through the window! Drop Han into the carbonite! ''Based on one of the most famous locations from the original Star Wars™ trilogy, this set is the perfect addition to your Star Wars collection! Recreate your favorite moments from Star Wars™: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, or create your own thrilling adventures!  +
'''Unleash the power of the TIE collection!'''<br /> The Empire's most feared ships fly again in this special Star Wars collection! Complete set includes 4 models: 2 Imperial TIE Fighters, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter and 1 TIE/d Fighter, plus Darth Vader and Imperial TIE pilot minifigures and Droid Brain. Build your fleet today!  +
'''Load your cargo on the BSNF''' <br /> The Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) engine is ready to haul freight across the country! This special locomotive features an updated look and unique brick colours, making it a great addition to your LEGO Train collection. Modelled after a GP-38 locomotive, this train features BNSF dark green/orange/yellow color scheme. * Includes [[Engineer Max]] and [[Conductor Charlie]] minifigures.  +
'''Construct the galaxy's ultimate battle station!''' 'No one who saw the dreaded Death Star in the classic Star Wars films could ever forget it. Now you can build your own to add to your LEGO® Star Wars collection! This incredibly detailed and faithful replica of the Death Star II from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi will make an awesome addition to any Star Wars collection. The partially constructed Death Star looms in space above the forest moon of Endor, super laser ready to fire. This unique collectable is sure to rank as one of the greatest LEGO Star Wars models ever produced! * Includes display stand and Imperial Star Destroyer to scale.'' * Measures a full 25 inches (65 cm) high and 19 inches (50 cm) wide (including stand).  +
'''Find the droids you're looking for at the Sandcrawler!''' Luke Skywalker's Uncle Owen is shopping for some new droids at the Jawa Sandcrawler. There are plenty to choose from, including R2-D2 and C-3PO. But the Jawas drive a hard bargain and danger is never far away. Recreate this classic scene from Star Wars™: Episode IV A New Hope with this incredibly detailed model! * Includes a total of 11 minifigures and droids: Uncle Owen Lars, 3 Jawas, R2-D2, C-3PO, R5-D4, R1-G4, ASP droid, gonk droid and Treadwell droid. * Remove the center section of the Sandcrawler to reveal the Jawa workshop! * Use the crane to load droids into the Sandcrawler! * Open the hatch to reveal the inside! * Cockpit opens to load a driver! * Steering mechanism lets you guide the Jawa vehicle to its next adventure! * Measures 15 in/38 cm long, 7.5 in/19 cm wide and 9 in/22 cm high.  +
'''Build the most famous cargo liner in the world!'''<br /> Maersk Sealand cargo liners sail the seas, carrying valuable goods to ports around the world. Build your own version of this accurately detailed freighter and embark on a voyage of trade and adventure!  +
'''Build the iconic Maersk Container Ship!''' More than 550 Maersk Sealand cargo liners sail the seas, carrying valuable goods to ports in 130 countries around the world. Established in 1904, this company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and is the leading container shipping company in the world. Build your own version of this accurately detailed freighter and embark on a voyage of trade and adventure! *Build the icon of worldwide shipping! *Highly realistic details *Add this representative of the world’s leading container shipping company to your LEGO® collection! *Measures 27” (69 cm) long  +

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