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This page lists the tags that the software may mark an edit with, and their meaning.

Tag nameAppearance on change listsFull description of meaningSourceActive?Tagged changes
mw-new-redirectNew redirectEdits that create a new redirect or change a page to a redirectDefined by the softwareYes2,593 changes
no signatureno signature

Edits tagged with "no signature" are typically edits made on discussion pages where the editor did not sign their name.

Tagged by filter 10.

Defined by the softwareNo681 changes
mw-rollbackRollbackEdits that roll back previous edits using the rollback linkDefined by the softwareYes468 changes
large unwikified new articlelarge unwikified new article

Edits tagged with "large unwikified new article" have created a new page with very little usage of typical wiki syntax.

Tagged by filter 5.

Defined by the softwareYes245 changes
mw-undoUndoEdits that undo previous edits using the undo linkDefined by the softwareYes123 changes
mw-changed-redirect-targetRedirect target changedEdits that change the target of a redirectDefined by the softwareYes99 changes
wikiloveWikiLoveEdit made using the WikiLove toolDefined by the softwareYes85 changes
mw-removed-redirectRemoved redirectEdits that change an existing redirect to a non-redirectDefined by the softwareYes62 changes
possible spam (in title)possible spam in titleDefined by the softwareYes56 changes
mobile editMobile editEdit made from mobile (web or app)Defined by the softwareYes54 changes
very short new articlevery short new articleDefined by the softwareYes54 changes
mobile web editMobile web editEdit made from mobile web siteDefined by the softwareYes54 changes
mw-blankBlankingEdits that blank a pageDefined by the softwareYes49 changes
mw-replaceReplacedEdits that remove more than 90% of the content of a pageDefined by the softwareYes36 changes
swstaffeditShoutWiki staff editEdits made by ShoutWiki staff in their official capacityDefined by the softwareYes20 changes
repeating charactersrepeating charactersDefined by the softwareYes19 changes
nowiki addednowiki added

This edit included the addition of <nowiki> tags into an article.

Tagged by filter 6.

Defined by the softwareYes19 changes
section blankingsection blanking

This edit blanked an entire section.

Tagged by filter 2.

Defined by the softwareYes18 changes
possible vandalismpossible vandalism

This edit may be Vandalism.

Tagged by filters 11 and 12.

Defined by the softwareYes14 changes
possible spampossible spamDefined by the softwareYes12 changes
uppercase- or lowercase-only articleuppercase- or lowercase-only articleDefined by the softwareYes4 changes
shoutingshoutingDefined by the softwareYes4 changes
Possible self promotion in userspacepossible self promotion in userspace

Edits tagged with "possible self promotion in userspace" are edits that appear to be promoting a user's website or product in the user namespace, which often qualifies as spam.

Tagged by filter 8.

Defined by the softwareYes4 changes
all caps vandalismvandalism in all-capsDefined by the softwareYes2 changes
Possible vandalismPossible vandalismDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
possible spam (in edit summary)possible spam (in edit summary)Defined by the softwareYes0 changes
mw-contentmodelchangecontent model changeEdits that change the content model of a pageDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
abusefilter-condition-limitcondition limit reachedEdits or other events that couldn't be checked by all active abuse filters (help).Defined by the softwareYes0 changes
advanced mobile editAdvanced mobile editEdit made by user with Advanced modeDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
massmessage-deliveryMassMessage deliveryMessage delivery using Extension:MassMessageDefined by the softwareYes0 changes
maps-visual-editVisual map editEdit made with the visual editor provided by the Maps extensionDefined by the softwareYes0 changes