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Please note: This template is in the process of being phased out. New part articles should use Template:Part/new.

Usage[edit source]

Copy and paste the following code into an article. Fill in the information next to the "=" sign so that it can be displayed on the article. Only fill in the information you know about, empty fields will not be displayed. Below is an example of the template.

|Image = 
|DesignID = 
|ElementIDs =
|Year = 
|Price = 
|Colours = 

Design ID[edit source]

The Design ID is the number that specifies a part's shape (and is mostly imprinted on its bottom side), while the Element ID also specifies its colour (and is found on current LEGO building instructions). The numbers used by Peeron are Design IDs.

Colours[edit source]

To display colours use {{Colourbox}}.

Image[edit source]

If no image is provided a placeholder Brick 2x2 questionmark.png is displayed that links to Category:Parts.

Example[edit source]

|Image = 
|DesignID = x1741
|Year = [[2007]]
|Price = $xxx.xx
|Colours = {{Colourbox|LC=26}}

results in:

Exclamation mark.jpg
Outdated template
Template:Part is outdated. If you are creating a page, please use Template:Part/new instead. Any help to update this infobox to the new style is much appreciated.
Brick 2x2 questionmark.png Design ID: x1741

Years in production: 2007 Pick a Brick price: $xxx.xx Available Colours:
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