The Power of Merlok

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Nexo Knights

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"The Power of Merlok"

Nexo Knights

Season №:


Episode №:

1.03 (3 total)

Running time:

22 Minutes



First released/aired:

January 13th, 2016


Nexo Knights

"The Power of Merlok" is the third Nexo Knights episode.

Official Synopsis[edit]

The arrival of Merlok 2.0 and his NEXO Powers saved Knighton, but all over Knighton there is struggling going on. Jestro is struggling with being good at being evil, the knights are struggling with being a team and Ava is struggling with integrating Merlok 2.0 into the systems of the knights' amazing new HQ. And then, of course, Jestro attacks...


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