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I stopped liking [LEGO] years ago... Well, with the exception of a few of my MOCs that nostalgia forbids me from ever not liking.
―Me, 29/10/2016
he is humorless and rather anti-social.
―SuperSpyX, 10/04/2012
Like, you are weird Clone as you seem to exist outside of society itself.
―CJC95, 20/02/2016
sometimes Clone, I wonder if you exist in the real world
―CJC95, 23/06/2016
Clone is literally on a different planet
―Soupperson1, 06/11/2016

"I don't care to follow anything that I don't actually care much about, that includes most things" - 26/07/2014

Hi, Clone here, an Admin on the Brickipedia and Customs sides of 'Media. Please, if you have any questions or need assistance with anything, just leave a message on my talk page.

Even though I am not very active editing wise I can often be found in the chat, confusing CJC with my lack of common knowledge.