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MeikoBot is a bot that performs various maintenance and cleanup tasks on Brickipedia. MeikoBot is owned and maintained by ToaMeiko, and has been in-use since June 2013.

Further Information[edit]

Any bugs, requests or other needs regarding this bot should be made to ToaMeiko.

This bot holds both bot and sysop user permissions. The reason it holds sysop rights is so that it can edit protected pages, and perform mass-maintenance actions such as page moves or deletions.


If this bot is malfunctioning and causing direct harm to the wiki, use the button below to shut it down. It is highly advised that instead of shutting it down yourself, you contact ToaMeiko about it. This bot should never be out of control, as it is directly monitored constantly, and rarely performs any tasks that could potentially cause harm to the wiki.

Stop x nuvola.svg
Emergency robot shutdown button.

Source code[edit]

MeikoBot does not use a unique source as of September 2013, and is based primarily upon Pywikibot (source).

To Do[edit]

  • No current tasks