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2013, 2016

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Villagers are the inhabitants of Villages across the worlds of Minecraft. They, along with one of their villages, appear in the set, 21105 The Village, in microfigure form. The villagers will also be included in minifigure form in 21128 The Village.



Villagers are a shade of sandy yellow in colour, clothed with brown clothing. Their printed facial designs are identical to their designs in the game Minecraft. It is made by 5 plate 1x1 studs, consisting of brown, tan and light bluish-grey, and a 1x1 tan tile plate.


They are made of 3 parts: A new moulded head piece, a new moulded torso piece which is longer/taller than an average normal minifigure piece, and a short minifgure leg.


Villagers are passive mobs found in the Overworld of Minecraft. They spawn in villages randomly throughout the world. The player can trade various items with them. Villagers are followed and attacked by zombies. However, in-game mechanics allow them to attempt to find a shelter, such as an enclosed house, to take shelter in. When there are many Villagers in the same area, an Iron Golem can spawn and protect them from the zombies. In a later update, villagers can harvest their own crops. Villagers love emeralds and use them for trade. There are Blacksmiths, butchers, librarians, farmers, and priests, they are even further classified as armor makers and such in a later update. There can also be baby Villagers who play follow the leader, hide and seek or other games.


  • Its Micro Mob appearance is one plate shorter than that of Steve, due to the body being made of 2 plates instead of a brick.
  • It is also the only minifigure in LEGO Minecraft that has a zombie variant.


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Micro MobLibrarianFarmerZombie Villager


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