10712 Bricks and Gears

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Bricks and Gears
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10712 Bricks and Gears is a Classic set released in 2018.

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Build LEGO® creations with fun functions!

Build, learn and fuel your imagination with this LEGO® Classic Bricks and Gears set. Creating moving models is easy with these brightly colored LEGO building bricks, gears and axle pieces that will help your child develop their creative building skills. This set offers variable levels of building complexity, and makes an excellent starter set for budding LEGO builders. Includes age-appropriate building instructions for building and rebuilding your LEGO creations. Further instructions are available online where you can learn, for example, how to rebuild the included helicopter model into a drill or a windmill for even more creative play.

  • Includes LEGO® bricks, gears and axles for creating simple models with fun functions.
  • Features bright and colorful LEGO® pieces that allow for open-ended creative play.
  • Provides variable degrees of building complexity to suit builders on different levels.
  • Visit LEGO.com/classic for additional building instructions, fun videos, ideas and inspiration. Ask your parents before going online.
  • Comes with a brick separator to make building and rebuilding easier.
  • Let creativity grow with LEGO® Classic sets!
  • This learning toy is suitable for ages 5-99.


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