10844 Minnie Mouse Bow-tique

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Minnie Mouse Bow-tique
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Minnie Mouse
Daisy Duck


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10844 Minnie Mouse Bow-tique is a DUPLO set released in 2017.

LEGO.com description[edit]

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Build and run the store with Disney’s Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck!

Little fans of Disney’s Minnie Mouse will love to practice role-play skills by selling bows and skirts in the shop downstairs, welcoming Daisy Duck and sitting outside at the table, and taking Minnie Mouse upstairs for a good night’s rest in the bedroom. Help them rebuild the model in lots of different ways to encourage imagination and develop fine motor skills. Includes 2 LEGO® DUPLO® figures, plus a cuckoo figure.

  • Includes 2 LEGO® DUPLO® figures: Disney’s Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, plus a Cuckoo Loca figure.
  • Features a 2-story building with rotating bow icon and opening windows and door, downstairs shop, upstairs bedroom with bed, and an outside table with parasol and chairs.
  • Includes bricks decorated as a cash register, gift, hair bows and a Bow-tique sign.
  • Accessory elements include 3 fabric skirts, fabric blanket, baguettes and an opening suitcase.
  • Encourage early role-play skills withthese much-loved Disney characters.
  • Young children will love helping Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck sell bows and skirts in the shop.
  • Help your child master basic construction skills by building and rebuilding this bright and colorful model into different scenarios.
  • LEGO® DUPLO® products are specially designed to be fun and easy for little hands.
  • Minnie's Bow-tique measures over 11” (28cm) high, 5” (14cm) wide and 5” (14cm) deep.

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