30250 Ewar's Acro-Fighter

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30250 Ewar's Acro-Fighter
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Price: Free (With $75/£50/$100AU/500 NOK Purchase)

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January 2013


Legends of Chima

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30250 Ewar's Acro-Fighter is a Legends of Chima set released in January 2013.


The set is made with a colour-scheme of mainly white, with flashes of blue, and a few yellow parts. The front of the acro-fighter is built with an arch piece in white, with a small yellow 1x1 piece, to make a beak. Behind that is a small handlebar, in a light grey shade, held up by a white hinge. There is room for one minifigure to either stand of sit, and room behind it for the eagles' wings to have enough room to fit. Below that is a blue wing piece, held by a 2x4 piece in a brick yellow shade. An angle plate in front of it, with a rail on each side, is used to hold up the two undercarriage pieces and hold the small ship up. In total, there are 21 pieces in the acro-fighter, not including the minifigure and the CHI.

Minifigure Included[edit]


  • It was given away from LEGO Shop @ Home or LEGO Stores as a gift with purchase over $75US/£50/$100AU/500 NOK or more during January 2013. Excess sets that were not given away in January were sold or given away at LEGO Stores in 2013. Additionally available from LEGO Shop @ Home or LEGO Stores as a gift with the purchase of any Legends of Chima set from the 1st to 21st of March 2014.



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