3678 The Fabuland House

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The Fabuland House
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Edward Elephant
Lucy Lamb
Harry Horse
Lionel Lion





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3678 The Fabuland House is a Fabuland set released in 1982. The set contains 123 pieces including four Fabuland Figures: Edward Elephant, Lucy Lamb, Harry Horse, and Lionel Lion.


The set consists of two models: that of a large, wacky house, and a car. The house has no distinct colourscheme, although red, yellow and blue are used heavily throughout the design. The house has three levels, which consists of stacked housing units.

The first level consists of two non-attached red-themed buildings with yellow windows. On one of them, a sloping green shingled roof is seen, while on the other, the roof serves as a deck for the 2nd level house. On one of the houses, a yellow windvane is placed on top of the green roof. As well, a birdhouse is printed next to the door on this house, and another unidentified object is printed on the other side of the door. Next to the other house, a chair, along with some flowers, is placed next to the house, providing a Fabuland figure a place to sit and relax. Between the houses is an empty space, presumably as a garage, as it is sheltered from the sky.

On the second level is built a single yellow-themed house, which has red windows and roof. It sits on top of both of the first-leve houses, and spans over the gap between them. Lucy Lamb assumedly lives in this level. The house opens out onto the roof of one of the 1st level houses, providing a large deck for Lucy and her belongings. On this deck, a blue lattice railing prevents object from falling off. A yellow umbrella is featured, as is a small table with several blue cups atop. Underneath one of the windows of the house, a clothesline is printed.

The third level consists of a single building, placed directly on top of the second level. It is blue-coloured, with yellow windows and a red roof. It is the smallest of all four houses. A small yellow deck is located in front of this house, and extends without support directly out over the ground. Blue latticed railings are seen around this deck. Printed on the side of the house are several musical notes, suggesting that the resident, Lionel Lion, enjoys music.

Also included in the set is a car. It has a red, yellow and blue colourscheme, like the house. It features space for a Fabuland figure to sit, as well as extra room in the rear for hauling objects.

A number of accessories are featured with the set, including a rake, a hacksaw, a paintbrush, an accordion, a broom, a rug whacker, and a garbage can. Four Fabuland figure are included: Edward Elephant, Lucy Lamb, Lionel Lion, and Harry Horse. All of them feature heads molded to look like their suggested species of animal, feature arms and legs coloured as their respective animal's colour, and shirts in various colours: red, yellow, or black.

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