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Alien Bugs


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Alien Bugs (also known as Alien Parasites) are insects that live on a comet in Ninjago space. They are insects that can eat through metal.

Alien bugs are nameless parasite bugs that live on a comet. They are lime green with red eyes. They use wings to fly. They were first discovered by the scientists who found a meteorite that fell off the same comet where The Mega Weapon exploded onto after being destroyed by time paradox in Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

When ninja went to the space to stop General Cryptor's army to get the Golden Weapons back, they crashed on the same comet and got attacked by the bugs who chased them, trying to eat their spacesuits. In the end, the bugs ate the Arcturus ship leaving ninja stranded on the comet with no way back. In The Titanium Ninja, ninja used their elemental powers to kill remaining bugs and rebuild the spaceship.

TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 3
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