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Arctic is an arctic-themed subtheme of City released in the summer of 2014. It involves a group of arctic explorers investigating crystals found in the ice.


The theme involves a small variety of vehicles, such as helicopters and snowmobiles, as well as structures, used by the minifigures. These vehicles and structures are orange and have transparent blue windshields. The arctic minifigures generally have orange torsos, and many also have snowshoes, blue hoods, and goggles, with the goggles only being printed onto their heads as opposed to existing as physical pieces. The minifigures occasionally also use dog sleds, which are generally small and pulled by a team of four huskies. The minifigures are researching the ice and ice crystals, with the ice normally taking the form of a sphere-like crystal similar to a LEGO boulder that can be separated into a top and bottom half.


The Arctic subtheme of City was introduced in summer 2014, with most of the summer wave City sets being from the Arctic subtheme. NIne sets from the subtheme were released at this time. Pieces introduced in this subtheme included a recoloring of the 2012 bear and huskies.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
30310.jpg 30310  Arctic Scout  40  Explorer     2014 
60032 alt1.png 60032  Arctic Snowmobile  44  1   $6.99 / €5.99  June 2014 
60033 alt1.png 60033  Arctic Ice Crawler  113  1   $14.99 / €14.99  June 2014 
60034 alt1.png 60034  Arctic Helicrane  262     $39.99 / €29.99  June 2014 
60035 alt1.png 60035  Arctic Outpost  374     $49.99 / €39.99  June 2014 
60036 alt1.png 60036  Arctic Base Camp  735  7   $89.99 / €89.99  June 2014 
Icebreaker.jpg 60062  Arctic Ice Breaker         2014 
60064.png 60064  Arctic Supply Plane  374  Three   €49.99  2014 
850932.jpg 850932  Polar Accessory Set       $14.99 / €12.99  2014 

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