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Brickipedia is constantly under construction!

This page lists some of the things that you could do to help Brickipedia.

Content Improvement[edit source]

Write new articles
  • Some articles have too many red links and need those pages to be created, see Category:Articles with red links for a list of possible pages in need of creation.
Expand and improve existing articles! (See also: Brickipedia:How to improve articles)
  • Our articles are rated. See here for a list of articles which need to be improved the most.
    • If you improve an article and feel it should go up a rating, don't forget to leave a nomination
Upload pictures
Add in official descriptions
  • Many of our articles are in need of official descriptions from Shop@Home. By using this template, copying and pasting the set's description from and doing some simple formatting can really help to improve the standard of an article.
Review or submit feedback
  • Users can leave feedback on all of our pages using the article feedback system. If you see something in need of improvement and are unable to fix it yourself, please use this feature to report it.
  • You can see feedback other users have left at Special:ArticleFeedbackv5, any help resolving any issues listed here would be much appreciated.
Join a BrickiProject

BrickiProjects are community-based projects dedicated to getting certain tasks done on Brickipedia, and need your help.

Management[edit source]

Read and comment on our policy forums
  • These forums can affect how many things run on the wiki.
There are a number of votes always going on, including-

Social[edit source]