Clone troopers are excellent diplomats.

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Clone troopers are excellent diplomats. is the seventeenth in a series of animated online comics depicting stories from the Clone Wars universe.


The comic starts with the squad in Nute Gunray's ship they hiijacked and the commander comments on the smell of the tauntaun and 1139 decides to call him Stinky, but 1137 tells him that it has already been taken by Ahsoka's hutlett, so 1139 decides to call his new pet Smelly instead.The clones stop the ship for 1139 to take Smelly for a walk and 1139 tries to remember what a wise Jedi once told him. First he remembers a Jedi (in this case seems to be Obi-Wan) to tell him to go to the Dagobah system, but 1139 says that was not what he was trying to think about, then he remembers a Jedi (again Obi-Wan) saying to him in the middle of a battle that if he really loves something he should set it free and then comments that he is not old yet. So 1139 sets Smelly free and he runs away with 1139 running after him. Back at the ship, Blasty tells the commander and 1137 that the planet they are on is known as the forest moon of Endor, as they get out of the ship, they find 1139 running away from an apparent Wookiee, and then 1137 sees it and it is not a Wookiee but is a Ewok, as 1137 tries to befriend it another Ewok from a hang glider drops a rock onto his head, knocking him out. When he wakes up he finds himself over a fire on a stick and 1139 tied over a cooking pot while the pilot, the commander and the gunner, Blasty are used as drums for an Ewok so 1137 tries to communicate with an Ewok, after failing miserably the squad begins to say their last words like 1139 saying "I never got to drive the walker" but the commander tells them that they are Clone troopers of the republic and they never give up, but before the commander finishes his sentence and explosion occurs and the only thing left on the floor were the clones, and the commander looks up and sees Nute Gunray and an army of battle droids standing over them. As Nute orders them to attack the clones, the comic finishes with "to be.....concluded!?

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