Fairy in the Sky

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Fairy in the Sky

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Fairy (Minifigures)

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Fairy in the Sky is an online game for the Minifigures theme featuring the Fairy collecting pink stars and avoiding bats and Vampire Bats.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players use the arrow keys to control the Fairy, having the ability to move her up, down, back, and forwards. Using the arrow keys, the player has to navigate the fairy through the night sky over the forest while collecting floating pink stars, which cause a gauge at the top of the screen to fill up. If the gauge is over the required limit (illustrated by a faded, super-imposed image) by the end of the level, then the player is allowed to progress to the next level. However, if the gauge is not above the required limit, then the player is forced to restart the level. The player must also avoid bats and Vampire Bats, which deal damage and decrease the gauge's contents. In addition to filling up the gauge, the the stars collected also increase the player's points, with one star being the equivalent of one point. If the player beats the game by completing all four levels, they are asked to play again by pressing the "Menu" button.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The game's instructions call the Vampire Bats "Manbats" instead of their correct name.