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LEGO Ninjago: Altiverse
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LEGO Ninjago: Altiverse is LEGO Ninjago in another Universe.


Chapter 1 - Prologue

Before the dawn of time a Spinjitzu Master Oah created Ninjago using the four Elemental Blades.As the world advanced Oah lost the will and then he trained three students Wu,Garmadon and Ling.Wu and Garmadon were brothers sons of Shu,Ling was the son of who no one knew the name of.As Ling learned more and more he turned to the darkside,the Evil Curse overwhelmed him and transformed into the evil being still today captive The Overlord.Wu and Garmadon with the help of the Elemental Spirits were able to jail the being and he was guarded by the monster Yin Zan.

After the defeat of The Overlord.Wu and Garmadon created the Most Advanced Spinjizu Dojo and train four young students Kai,Jay,Cole and Zane.Kai was the son of Yong and he was the Ninja of Fire,Kai also has a sister called Nya.Jay was raised by Ed and Edna at the Ninjago City Scrapyard that they own,Jay is also the Ninja of Lighting.Cole was raised by the best Dancer in whole Ninjago Lou and Cole was the Ninja of Earth.Zane was a inteligent Nindroid created by Dr. Julien and Zane was the Ninja of Ice.

Chapter 2 - The Green Ninja

One day when the ninjas were training they were greated by Sensei Garmadon who brought along hes son Lloyd.Sensei Wu saw that he had skills no other pupil he taught had.Sensei Wu and Sensei Garmadon made Lloyd the Green Ninja, Master of Elements.The Ninjas went to see a nearby Skullkin camp that was set up by Samukai and hes Skullkin Army.

The Ninjas attacked the camp but Lloyd got a wound from Samukai and he escaped with the other Skullkin.Kai,Jay,Cole and Zane took Lloyd back to the Monastery to heal the wound.The guys got a word from Nya that the Overlord paid the Skullkin Army to destroy Ninjago.Sensei Wu warns the Ninjas that they should be carefull because at any moment the Overlord can escape from its Elemental Prison and bring havoc to Ninjago again.

Chapter 3 - The Gems

After the ninjas woke up they heard Sensei Wu and Sensei Garmadon talking about the Gems of Oah that if in the wrong hans can bring havoc to Ninjago.Ninja behind them says what are you doing and they say "sush...we want to hear more about these gems of Oah".Sensei Garmadon asks "What is that noise" and the ninjas get caught by Sensei Garmadon who asks them what have you heard.Kai then responds and asks what are the gems of Oah.

Garmadon tells the story of the Gems.A long time ago before Oah made us hes students he created the Gems that keep Strenght,Light and Life of hes.The Red Gem is Strenght, strenght brings the powers of Spinjitzu and the true potential in a Ninja.The Blue is Life, life keeps Ninjago with the endless light which in the wrong hands can turn light to Darkness.The Green Gem is Life, life brings creation and evolution it keeps the balance of the Human and Animal world.So they must not get in the wrong hands.

Sensei Wu tells the Ninja to go get those Gems before The Overlord's Army gets to them.The Ninjas jump in their vehicles and set of to the Temple of Oah, the tomb of Oah.When they get there they see three doors leading to traps and bobbie traps.The Ninja manage to get over them but they see Samukai has already gotten there, Lloyd fights Samukai and defeats him.The Ninja escape with the gems and they bring them to the Monastery.Sensei Wu stores them in a secret safe that can only be oppened with the Oah's Code.

Chapter 4 - Attack on the Monastery

Chapter 5 - The Overlord,Gems and Ninja

Chapter 6 - Out of Darkness

Chapter 7 - Island in the Sky

Chapter 8 - Day of Destruction


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Wave 1

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